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Fereyd was an Imperial agent who lived around the time of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [1c] He was a master of disguise, and played many different roles on different planets.[1c][1f][1j] He liked to use the Imperial Guard to help him, since as outsiders, brought in to stop the problem, he could be sure that they weren't part of the problem.[1f] His real name is unknown.


On Pashen Nine-Sixty he disguised himself as a farm boss and took the name Fereyd to uncover a Chaos cult and their traitors in the Imperial Navy.[1c] Due to a disastrous fleet engagement, open war started on the surface of the planet. Commissar Ibram Gaunt, who at that time was serving with the Hyrkans, led the assault that freed Fereyd from the cultists.[1c] Together they executed the traitor Baron Sylag.[1c] The two struck up a friendship that lasted for many years.

He took the name Bel Torthute on Idolwilde and disguised himself as a grain broker.[1f] Along with Colonel Zoren of the Vitrian Dragoons he won the Battle of Altatha and ended the Famine Wars[1f]

Presumably sometime after the Famine Wars, the new Warmaster of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, Macaroth established a spy network to watch over the crusade. Fereyd was part of this network. There was a struggle for power at the head of the crusade. Slaydo had made Macaroth his heir, but Lord General Militant Hechtor Dravere wanted to be Warmaster.[1a][1b]

Around this time Fereyd was captured by Inquisitor Heldane. Heldane was working with Dravere, and turned Fereyd into a psychic pawn. Only Heldane knew about it.[1p]

Fereyd's network on Pyrites intercepted a vermilion level signal destined for Dravere. The data was stored in a crystal, which was given to Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt for safekeeping.[1b] Gaunt was attacked by one of Heldane's psychic pawns in the Glass Bay of the Adeptus Mechanicus ship, the Absalom.[1c][1d] Aided by his second officer, Colm Corbec, Gaunt fought off the assassin.[1e] He then decoded the crystal and found co-ordinates for a Standard Template Construct on Menazoid Epsilon.[1g]

Gaunt requested that his Tanith First regiment be deployed to Menazoid Epsilon. Dravere granted the request. He would be in command of the assault on the Chaos shrines from his command Leviathan.[1h] Accompanying him would be Heldane and, unknown to Dravere, Fereyd disguised as Imperial Tactician "Wheyland".[1i][1k]

As Gaunt neared his objective, Fereyd, still in disguise, asked Dravere to be allowed to accompany them in their assault, a request which was granted.[1i] Gaunt recognised the code word 'Eagleshard' and Fereyd accompanied him and a small squad of Tanith troops into a tunnel underneath the Chaos shrine. As they neared the STC device Heldane took full control of Fereyd, warning him of ambushes ahead.[1l][1m]

Eventually they reached the STC. Heldane could not hide his delight through Fereyd at the discovery of the legendary Men of Iron, which contained outlawed Abominable Intelligence.[1n] However, Gaunt found it horrific and wanted to destroy it. Heldane ordered Fereyd to attack Gaunt and the Tanith, but Major Elim Rawne killed him.[1n][1o] The psychic death-trauma flowed back into Heldane, atomising the Command Leviathan and everyone in it.[1p]


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