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Vianco Locard

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Vianco Locard is a Genetor of the Magos Biologis who specializes in the study of Tyranids.

His bionic implants included caliper-shaped legs, metallic hands, and an augmetic eye[1a].


This page contains spoilers for: Ultramarines (Novel Series)

Tarsis Ultra

Locard accompanied Inquisitor Lord Kryptman to Tarsis Ultra in late 999 M41, to assist in the defense against a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan[1a]. As the battle progressed, he dissected and examined the corpses of enemy creatures, seeking a pure genetic strain that would allow him to develop a poison that could do maximum damage to the Hive Fleet[1b].

His efforts were frustrated by the rapid mutation of the Tyranid specimens, until a Deathwatch team assigned to Kryptman managed to capture a Lictor that had infiltrated the capital city well ahead of the main invasion[1c].

Using the Lictor's relatively unchanged gene sequence, Locard developed a poison that overstimulated the creature's adaptive processes, triggering a frenzy of evolutionary changes that caused too much strain for its body to survive[1d]. With this poison, the Deathwatch team, led by Uriel Ventris, boarded the splinter fleet's last remaining Hive Ship and infected the Norn Queen, causing a chain reaction that caused the remaining Tyranids on the planet to die[1e].

The Heraclitus Effect

The Imperial forces' triumph was short-lived. A short time after the Tyranid invasion, Warsmith Honsou of the Iron Warriors seized control of one of Tarsis Ultra's orbital space stations and used it to launch torpedoes that devastated the planet's cities, and introduced an agricultural virus which caused the remaining Tyranid bio-forms to grow at an exponential rate, eventually consuming the entire planet.

After Honsou and his forces departed, Locard investigated the scene of the attack, and swore retribution against whoever was responsible for it[2].

Locard also recovered a helmet, from the suit of power armour that Uriel Ventris had left behind on Medrengard, that Honsou had fired onto the planet's surface, making the connection between his attack and his vendetta against Uriel[3b].


Given his past history with the Ultramarines, and his interest in the fate of Tarsis Ultra, Locard led a team of Adepts and Mechanicus soldiery to Ultramar, to assist the Ultramarines with defending against Honsou's army, the Bloodborn[3a].

This team accompanied Uriel and the Ultramarines' Fourth Company to Calth, where he made several important contributions: tapping into Uriel's latent memories to discover his link with The Newborn[3d]; and developing countermeasures to the scrapcode attacks of Honsou's Dark Mechanicus adept, Cycerin, which the Iron Warriors were using to bypass or sabotage Ultramar's defenses[3e][3f].

He also deployed a large force of Skitarii and Praetorians to assist the Ultramarines and Calth PDF in fighting off Honsou's troops[3c].

At the conclusion of the campaign, he was one of the few non-Ultramarines allowed to attend the formal victory ceremony in the Temple of Correction on Macragge[3g].