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Tarsis Ultra

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngTarsis Ultra
Name: Tarsis Ultra Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
System: Tarsis Ultra System[1]
Population: 60,000,000 (former)
Affiliation: Imperial
Class: Dead World (former Agri World)
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Tarsis Ultra is a Dead World and former Agri World in the Ultima Segmentum.


This page contains spoilers for: Warriors of Ultramar (Novel)

Tarsis Ultra was a Civilised World with some specifications typical to an Agri World and a long, harsh winter period during which it looked like a Ice World.

During the Great Crusade, Roboute Guilliman led the assault on this world from which he was attacked by an unknown assailant but was saved by a native soldier. Guilliman then made a warrior's bond with the trooper, vowing to return should the world ever need his aid. A temple within the capital city, Erebus, honours this oath, which was also marked by the planet's inhabitants changing its name to include the word "Ultra."

Hive Fleet Leviathan

In 999.M41, Tarsis Ultra was threatened when a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan turned towards the planet. The Ultramarines 4th Company, under Captain Uriel Ventris, were dispatched to defend the planet, enlisting the aid of a Company from one of the Ultramarines' Successor Chapters, the Mortifactors, led by Chaplain Astador.

Supporting the Space Marines defending Tarsis Ultra were two Imperial Guard Regiments, the 10th Logres led by Colonel Octavius Rabelaq and the 933rd Death Korps of Krieg led by Colonel Trymon Stagler, plus the PDF headed by Major Aries Satria. Inquisitor Lord Kryptman was also present with a Deathwatch Kill-team to impart his extensive knowledge of the Tyranids to help the war effort. Fabricator Marshal Sebastien Montante proved to be a valuable asset as an efficient organiser of resources and general supply management.

The Demise

This page contains spoilers for: The Heraclitus Effect (Short Story)

However, despite the victory Tarsis Ultra would not be the same again. Despite their defeat, the Tyranids had left behind a form of vegetation (likely Capillary Towers) that was consuming the ecosystem (albeit slowly), which forced the Imperials to implement a slash-and-burn policy in an attempt to suppress it.[2]

A few years after the victory on Tarsis Ultra, a furious Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou, fresh from his narrow victory over rival Warsmiths Berossus and Toramino, as well as his defeat at the hands of Uriel Ventris, learned of Tarsis Ultra through The Newborn, a mutated clone of Ventris who had inherited all of the Ultramarine's memories. Determined to destroy everything Ventris held dear, Honsou raided an Imperial agro-research facility and stole a sample of the experimental Heraclitus virus.[2][3]

By utilizing Ventris's memories from the Newborn's subconscious, Honsou was able to infiltrate to the inner system and board one of Tarsis Ultra's space stations with his followers, where he slaughtered the crew and launched orbital torpedoes at the surface. A few of the torpedoes bombarded cities, but the final one carried the Heraclitus virus. The virus was designed to speed up crop growth, but it had a cataclysmic reaction with the Tyranid vegetation, speeding up its growth so quickly that it covered the entire planet and eventually consumed the atmosphere[3], leaving the planet an airless and sun-scoured rock.[2]

After Honsou departed, Magos Locard and a few members of the Skitarii landed and attempted to investigate what had happened. Locard vowed to make whoever was responsible for the death of Tarsis Ultra pay.[2]

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