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Dark Heresy: Dead Stars: Haarlock Legacy III

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Dark Heresy: Dead Stars: Haarlock Legacy III
Released 2010
Pages 72
ISBN ISBN 9781589945517


The infamous Rogue Trader Erasmus Haarlock is set to return, and only the Inquisition stands in the way of his dark revenge...

Dead Stars is the conclusion to The Haarlock's Legacy Trilogy, a definitive series of epic Dark Heresy adventures that began with Tattered Fates and continued with Damned Cities. Terrible threats stir amongst the worlds visited by the mysterious Rogue Trader line of Haarlock. What has been left behind threatens everything the Inquisition has worked for in the Calixis Sector.

Dead Stars takes Acolytes to the forbidden ice world of Mara and the haunted planet of Dusk, where they must make a fateful decision that affects the future of the entire Calixis Sector. Old enemies and allies join the struggle on both sides—will the Acolytes be able to survive the terrible conclusion to the Haarlock's Legacy trilogy?


  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: Burning Heavens
  • Chapter II: Ice Station Mara
  • Chapter III: The Blind Tesseract
  • Chapter IV: The Last Eclipse

Appendix I: NPCs and Antagonists


  • Lead Developer
Ross Watson
  • Written by
Alan Bligh and John French
  • Editing
Leigh-Anne Gross
  • Dark Heresy Designed by
Owen Barnes, Kate Flack, and Mike Mason
  • Graphic Design & Layout

Kevin Childress and Mark Raynor

  • Cover Art
Clint Langley
  • Interior Art
John Blanche, Matt Bradbury, Paul Dainton, Sacha Diener, Karl Kopinski,
Stefano Marinetti, Rod Pereira, Karl Richardson, Marissa Rivera, Erich Schreiner,
Sept13, Imaginary Friends Studios
  • Art Direction
Zoë Robinson
  • Proofreaders
James Savage, Paul Tucker, Benn Williams with Chris Lancaster, Aric Wieder,
Rebecca Williams, and Eric Young
  • Production Manager
Gabe Laulunen
  • Managing RPG Developer
Michael Hurley
  • Publisher
Christian T. Petersen

Games Workshop

  • Licensing Manager
Owen Rees
  • Licensing & Acquired Rights Manager
Erik Mogensen
  • Intellectual Property Manager
Alan Merrett
  • Head of Legal & Licensing
Andy Jones
  • Special Thanks
"Curious Pastimes" Paul Tucker with Ben Cawkwell, Sarah Cawkwell, and Pel Pearcey,
"No Guts No Glory" Sean Connor with Mathieu Booth, Nick Hodge, and Stephen Pitson,
"Bring the Noise" James Savage with Dave Gallacher, Tommy Ryan, and Stewart Strong,
"Sons of a Rogue Trader" Robin Everett-McGuirl with Chris Brandmeier, Adam Hargraves, Peter Larotta,
Bob Leuzarder, Matthew Robenhymer, and Nate Taylor, Benn Williams with Gary Beller, Chris Lancaster,
Aric Wieder, Rebecca Williams, and Eric Young, Craig Williams with Chenoa Crabb, Stefan Elliot, Leonard Goulds,
David Thatcher, and Danica Zuks

Publication Details

  • ISBN 9781589945517