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House Helm'ayr

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House Helm'ayr was the ruling Imperial House of Necromunda, until it was struck by misfortune that led to the rise of its successor House Helmawr.[1a]

The House was founded by Martek Helm'ayr, who was made Planetary Governor of Necromunda, after he restored order to the rebellious Hive World in 085.M34[1b]. House Helm'ayr would then rule Necromunda for several millennia[1a], which saw them defeat a powerful warlord in 490.M34 during the Great Road War[1c], cause the exile of thousands into the Ash Wastes after Helm'ayr targeted subversive bloodlines in 150.M35[1d] and its ratification of Hive Primus' first Noble Houses and Clan Houses sometime in M35[1e]. Misfortune would then strike House Helm'ayr though and by early M36, the sickly Jar Helm'ayr was the last true gene-descendant of Martek. Jar would spend his short life ensuring the preservation of Helm'ayr's bloodline and his House's rule, by creating vat grown children using his DNA strands combined with those of the strongest Necromundans. Before his deformities and frailty ended his life, Jar then created House Helmawr for his gene-children to rule, which would also serve as House Helm'ayr's successor.[1a]


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