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Khalid Hassan

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Khalid Hassan[5]

Khalid Hassan was a Captain of the Imperial Army's 4th Clandestine Orta during the Horus Heresy.[1]


An experienced officer who was utterly loyal to the Imperial Truth, Hassan was assigned by Malcador to recover the Rosetta Stone from the clutches of a traitor cell in Gyptus. Thinking he had failed when he obtained a mere rock, after the mission Hassan was shown the Webway Gate and hall of artifacts under the Imperial Palace by Malcador himself. He was then given the choice by Malcador to join his chosen, which he immediately accepted.[1]

Hassan later appears among the White Scars stormseers watching over the fallen Thousand Sons sorcerer Revuel Arvida, who was rendered unconscious after guiding the Scars through the Webway to aid in their return to Terra. Although they are suspicious of his presence, he promises the White Scars that Malcador will help Arvida and that they have been waiting for him to arrive.[2]

Khalid Hassan later appeared to greet Alivia Sureka and her family as they arrived on Terra and stated that he was instructed to bring her to The Sigillite.[3] He subsequently recruited Sureka for a mission at the behest of Malcador during the Siege of Terra.[4] He next appeared before Sigismund to give him a Black Blade on the Emperor's own order.[6a] When Ilya Ravallion and Jangsai Khan asought to treat the grievously wounded Jaghatai Khan after his battle with Mortarion, Hassan informed them that Malcador had been summoned and would attempt to aid the wounded Primarch the best he could.[6b]

By the final stages of the Siege of Terra, Hassan had risen to be first amongst Malcador's Chosen. He along with Moriana and Zaranchek Xanthus were the three to meet with the Sigillite before his ascension to the Golden Throne as the Emperor went to fight Horus aboard the Vengeful Spirit. Malcador telepathically passed on many projects to the three so they may continue his work, and Hassan received one named Terminus which dealt with the anti-Astartes weapon of Basilio Fo. Hassan then passed the thought-file onto Xanthus.[7]

Hassan alongside the Custodian Ios Raja were next ordered by Vulkan in escorting Ollanius Persson and his group out of the Throneroom.[8a] However along the way they became separated during the chaotic fighting, and Hassan and Raja next sought out Fo and Amon after it was reported he was never delivered to Custodes custody.[8b] During their journey, their Orion Gunship was brought down by a massive Daemonic creature and sent into a deep ravine.[8c]

Hassan and Raja survived the crash, and were able to make it to the Sigillite's Retreat and stop Amon Tauromachian from activating Basilio Fo's bio-weapon, believing the loyalist cause not yet lost due to the transmission being spread by Actae.[9a]

Hassan survived the Heresy, and oversaw the implementation of Malcador's final projects on Titan in its aftermath.[9b]