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Galaxy map segmentumsolar.jpg
Small cross.pngMidgardia
Name: Midgardia Midgardia after Exterminatus.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Solar
Sector: Unknown
System: Fenris System
Population: 6.5 billion (prior to the planet's destruction)[3]
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Destroyed[2b], former Death World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Midgardia was a world of the Imperium and sister planet to Fenris. As such, its security was overseen by the Space Wolves.[1]


Midgardia before the Exterminatus

Midgardia was one of three inhabited worlds of the Fenris System, orbiting the Wolf's Eye alongside Frostheim and Fenris.[1]

Unlike its sister worlds, Midgardia was a poisonous greenhouse. Sprawling fungus growths covered its surface under boiling purple clouds, and the surface was so toxic that its people were forced to live in subterranean cities within the world's vast natural cavern structures. Their settlements were carved from the complex root boles of the jungle above, often hanging over the magma sea that bubbled and hissed hundreds of yards below.[1]

While not as heavily defended as Fenris, Midgardia did tithe soldiers for the Astra Militarum. These regiments have a well-deserved reputation for their tenacity and aggression, as did the planetary defence forces that served on the world.[1]

The only structures on the surface of Midgardia were fortifications and orbital defence batteries (including the Nova Cannon Emperor's Judgement), their guns pointing skyward while augurs and vox echoes probed through the spore-laden clouds. Meanwhile, underground, pallid-skinned citizens tapped the rich nutrient deposits held in the root structures, carefully extracting viscous strands of reddish pulp to be used in the manufacture of medicines. Occasionally a subsidence or collapse would briefly open a hole up to the surface, poisonous air flooding down into the tunnels and killing hundreds of workers before the breach could be sealed. At other times the sea below their dwellings erupted in great fountains, molten rock destroying whole settlements in moments. Such were the perils of life on Midgardia.[1]


The planet was assaulted by the Necrons under Trazyn the Infinite in led M41, who were seeking a C'tan Shard. In the ensuing Battle of Midgardia, the Necrons achieved their objective and withdrew.[1]

During the Siege of the Fenris System, the world was devastated by both Tzeentch and Nurgle Daemons.[2a] Ultimately Magnus unleashed a plague crafted by Mortarion upon Midgardia, dooming it forever. This led to Supreme Grand Master Azrael of the Dark Angels enacting Exterminatus upon the world. It was not enough, though, because the cleansing fire only killed all life on the planet's surface and not in its underground complexes. After returning from the Midgardia's stony heart, Logan Grimnar decided to destroy the planet itself and did it, blowing up Midgardia's core with Morkai's Tooth — an especially powerful warhead, though it was a very hard decision for Grimnar. The destruction of Midgardia caused mighty gravity waves that diverged through Fenris System. This waves reached the sieging Silver Towers and forced them to wink out back to the Warp. For years to come shards of Midgardia fell to the surface of the other planets of the Fenris System and it is said that people who tried to investigate the impact sites were cursed and slowly wasted away to death.[2b]


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