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Battle of Midgardia

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Battle of Midgardia
Date 933.M41
Location Midgardia
Outcome Necron objective achieved
Space Wolves Necrons
Great Wolf Logan Grimnar
Arjac Rockfist
Njal Stormcaller
Skvarl Cogfang
Gnaerold Ghostwolf
Overlord Trazyn
1st Great Company Unknown
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Midgardia took place in 933.M41 between the Space Wolves and Necrons.[1]


The affair began when the fleet of Trazyn the Infinite appeared in the Fenris System over the world of Midgardia. Trazyn had come seeking a C'tan shard of Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One. Logan Grimnar and his Great Company were present on nearby Fenris itself, and quickly responded to the incursion.[1]

As Grimnar's fleet set course towards Midgardia, the Necrons were already landing on the heavily fortified planet. Deploying Flayed Ones to massacre the crew of the worlds defending Nova Cannon Emperor's Judgement, Trazyn next deployed a hundred Monoliths to assault Midgardia's Magma Gates, a cluster of hive-fortresses. The Midgardia PDF fought viciously, but now having silenced the Emperor's Judgement, Trazyn was free to have his personal Tomb Ship move into low orbit and use its Particle Whip to obliterate the human defenders. In a few hours Trazyn's army had broken through the Magma Gates, and the battle began to push into the underworld below the complex.[1]

Meanwhile, Grimnar's fleet arrived above Midgardia. In response, the Necrons began teleporting onto his ship Void Wolf directly. The Space Wolves battled both Necron Warriors and Deathmarks on board their ship, with Grimnar himself seeing heavy combat. Logan fought off the attempt to assassinated him, then moved on the Nova Cannon Emperor's Judgement, knowing this was his best chance to destroy Trazyn's flagship. Order the bulk of his fleet to attack the Magma Gates, Grimnar and his elite champions made for the Nova Cannon by Drop Pod, teleportation, and Thunderhawk.[1]

Flanked by Arjac Rockfist and his Wolf Guard, Grimnar entered the bunkers below the Magma Gates. Upon entering the command center of the Emperor's Judgement, the Space Wolves were ambushed by Flayed Ones. Meanwhile, the Wolf Guard Volkbad Wolftongue led a squad of Terminators to the cannon's reactor core, where they were also attacked but this time by Canoptek Wraiths. After a vicious battle that slew one Wolf Guard, the Wraiths withdrew and Volkbad was able to initiate the emergency protocols to bring the reactor online.[1]

Meanwhile, Logan and his forces fought on in the command center. Realizing that they needed to create a choke-point to combat the greater Necron numbers, Grimnar led a withdrawal to the rear tunnel complex. However Grimnar was again assaulted by Deathmarks, intent on assassinating the Space Wolves leader. Logan and Arjac were able to respond quickly to their sniper fire, dispatching the assassins. Free to now focus on the Flayed Ones, the choke-point strategy proved successful and the Space Wolves were able to destroy the Necron horrors. Returning to the command bunker, Grimnar called down his Iron Priests who got to work preparing the Emperor's Judgement. The nova cannon soon opened fire, damaging the Tomb Ship and forcing it to flee along with the rest of the Necron fleet. Ulrik the Slayer soon arrived, confirming that his forces were successful in clearing the Magma Gates of Necron invaders. Ulrik however felt something was wrong and not what it seemed, and convened a War Council.[1]

Ulrik, Rune Priests Njal Stormcaller and Gnaerold Ghostwolf, and Iron Priest Skvarl Cogfang met to discuss strategy. They determined that a force of Necrons were still on Midgardia, and they were deep below the planet closing in on the chamber holding the C'tan Shard. Ulrik proposed that he lead a small elite group of warriors through the Warp to counter-attack the Necron advance deep below the surface. With the help of Njal Stormcaller, a Warp Portal was opened and Ulrik led a force of Wolf Guard into the Gate. They stepped out onto the smoldering rock of Infernus Peak, a mountain miles beneath the surface of Midgardia. Immediately meeting the Necrons in battle, Njal assaulted Trazyn and his Lychguard directly with a psychic storm. Simultaneously Bjorn assaulted the defensive line formed by the Necron bodyguards. Next Ulrik threw himself at Trazyn, forcing him back. However Trazyn soon revealed that this fight was but a distraction while elsewhere his forces had been shackling the shard of the Burning One. Activating its containment systems, the C'tan Shard emerged at Trazyn's command. Ulrik knew they stood little chance against the creature, and ordered a retreat.[1]

Above, Grimnar was still coordinating attacks on pockets of remaining Necron resistance. While he knew Trazyn was now attempting to leave the planet, he did not realize that the radioactive interference on Midgardia was interfering with his phasing technology. Trazyn instead chose to muster his remaining forces around a valley near Midgardia's jungles. Knowing he must act soon to decide the battle, Grimnar launched an armored assault on the valley, fending off attacks from marauding Doom Scythes as they went. The Space Wolves were only saved by the Necron fighters by their own Stormfang and Stormwolf gunships, which also were able to land reinforcements. Grimnar then turned his attention to the gigantic pyramid in the distance which pulsed with dark energy, entering it with his Champions. Inside the Wolf Guard fought for every inch against warriors and creatures of Living Metal. In the central chamber, they encountered Trazyn and his Crypteks constructing a particle-conveyor that would allow them to bypass the atmospehric interference and teleport off-world. The Space Wolves pounced at their chance to end the Necron Overlord while Trazyn himself seemed unconcerned and continued to work on his conveyor. The Space Wolves were unable to stop its completion, and soon enough Trazyn teleported back onto his Tomb Ships and withdrew from the system, the C'tan Shard in hand.[1]