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Sidonus was an Ultramarines Veteran Sergeant, who served in the Command Squad of Captain Titus's 2nd Company.[1]


He had seemingly seen it all, during his 225 years of service in the Ultramarines. Sidonus bore the marks of this constant warfare, which include an arm lost to the Tyranids and an eye and part of his face to an Eldar weapon. While his arm was replaced with a bionic, Sidonus would decide to leave his facial scars in place as a reminder of his victory over the formidable Eldar. The Veteran Sergeant was Captain Titus closest friend and confident, who had a 'been there, done that, no problem' attitude and a dry sense of humor. This attitude instantly served to defuse tense situations, the Veteran Sergeant found himself in. But when faced with the enemy, Sidonus turned into their worst nightmare – a brutally efficient warrior who would not stop until every enemy lay dead at his feet.[1]

This page contains spoilers for: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Sidonus took part in defending Graia, after it was invaded by Warboss Grimskull's Waaagh!. However the 2nd Company's fleet came under attack by the Orks, when they arrived at the Forge World and Captain Titus deployed them, while the Company was under fire[2a]. This chaotic deployment led the Ultramarines to be separated, but Sidonus soon regrouped with Titus and their fellow Ultramarine Leandros[2b]. The three would fight beside 2nd Lieutenant Mira's 203rd Cadian Regiment against the Orks,[2b] and in doing so, Titus' group crossed paths with Inquisitor Drogan.[2c]

The Inquisitor was on Graia developing a weapon powered by the Warp, called the Psychic Scourge, and required their help in defending it. Titus, Sidonus and Leandros succeeded in saving the Scourge from the Orks[2c] and escorted the weapon and Inquisitor to another base where it could be used. In doing so, Drogan hoped the weapon would defeat Grimskull's invasion. However when the weapon was activated, it instead opened a Warp Rift above the Forge World and allowed the Sorcerer Nemeroth's Chaos forces to invade Graia. It was revealed that Inquisitor Drogan had been slain before he made contact with Titus' group and had been possessed by a Daemon serving Nemeroth. Before the three Ultramarines could be killed by Nemeroth, however, Warboss Grimskull attacked the Sorcerer and the Ultramarines were able to reclaim the Psychic Scourge[2d]. Under Titus' orders, the group then used the psychic weapon to empower the Imperial Titan Invictus, which fired upon the Warp Rift and weakened it. Afterwards, Titus gave the Scourge to Sidonus and ordered the Veteran Sergeant to take it to their Strike Cruiser Fury of Descent, for safekeeping. The Captain and Leandros then kept Nemeroth's forces at bay, while Sidonus raced towards a landing pad to wait for an aircraft to evacuate him. However when he reached it, Sidonus was killed by Nemeroth who teleported behind the Veteran Sergeant and impaled him on the Sorcerer's Lightning Claws. Titus and Leandros saw this, but they were unable to save Sidonus before he was killed and Nemeroth escaped with the Psychic Scourge. A vengeful Titus then told Leandros to safeguard Sidonus' body until an Apothecary arrived, while he went to hunt down Nemeroth.[2e]