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Siege of Hydra Cordatus

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The Siege of Hydra Cordatus
Storm of Iron Crop.jpg
The Iron Warriors assault the Citadel of Hydra Cordatus
Date 990's M41
Location Hydra Cordatus
Outcome Chaos victory
Ironwarlogo.gif Iron Warriors Astra Militarum Symbol.png 383rd Jouran Dragoons
Impfistslogo.png Imperial Fists
Legio Ignatum
"The Warsmith"
First Captain Forrix (d)
Captain Kroeger (d)
Castellan Vauban (d)
Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Leonid
Captain Alaric Eshara (d)
Princeps Fierach(d)
Several Grand Companies
Legio Mortis Titan
One Space Marine Company
383rd Jouran Dragoons regiment
Thousands of human soldiers killed.
Several hundred Iron Warrior Chaos Space Marines killed.
Captains Forrix and Kroeger killed.
Only 1 surviving Guardsman; remainder killed or taken prisoner. Imperial Fists company eradicated.

The Siege of Hydra Cordatus took place in late M41, when a battle-force of the Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines besieged the Imperial fortress on the Forge World of Hydra Cordatus. The Iron Warriors had been ordered to take the fortress by Abaddon the Despoiler, seeking to recover the hidden store of Imperial Fists' gene-seed inside the fortress, as part of his plans for the impending 13th Black Crusade.[1] Under the overall command of The Warsmith , the primary Chaos commanders during the siege were Forrix, Honsou, and Kroeger.[2]

Though the better known siege of the planet, the M41 battle was actually the second Iron Warriors attack on the planet. The First Siege of Hydra Cordatus took place 10,000 years earlier during the Horus Heresy.


The Chaos invasion was concentrated around the fortress of Tor Christo. After brushing aside initial PDF and Imperial Guard forces, the battle became bloody when Titans of the Legio Ignatum entered the fray but The Warsmith managed to blunt their advance thanks to the aid of the Legio Mortis Imperator Titan Dies Irae. The Iron Warriors slowly pushed forward, using slave-soldiers as disposable fodder.[2]

Shortly before the final battle, Kroeger was slain by his Daemonically possessed slave. During the last stages of the campaign, Forrix was killed by a Warhound Titan as Iron Warriors stormed the complex, wiping out an entire company of Imperial Fists who had arrived as reinforcements along the way.[1] At the height of the battle, The Warsmith ascended to a Daemon Prince and abandoned his surviving forces for the Warp.[2]

Aftermath and Consequences

As the only surviving champion of The Warsmith, Honsou led the remnants of the Grand Company back to Medrengard, where the greater share of the captured gene-seed was delivered to Abaddon. However, Honsou kept a share for his own use, which provoked war with The Warsmith's former allies, Toramino and Berossus, with whom Honsou refused to share his spoils.[2]

The Imperial Fists 3rd Company was slain to a main during the battle, and had to be rebuilt under Captain Garadon.[3]