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Stikk Bommas

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Stikk Bomma Boy[2]

Stikk Bommass are a type of Ork Boy.[1]


Stikk Bommas are those gifted with the knowledge of which part of a grenade is thrown once the pin is removed. For this reason they are equipped with stikkbombz but otherwise they are effectively identical to Slugga Boyz. Ork Stikk Bommas are similar to Slugga Boyz in that they are combat oriented. While they are less well armed, they carry stikkbombs which allow them to take on opponents in cover and light vehicles much more effectively than basic Slugga Boyz. A Stikk Bommas Mob usually consists of 10 to 30 Stikk Bommas which may include a Nob.[1]


3rd Edition Miniatures[3]


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