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Nob with Grot slaves
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Orkoid Species

Nobz are among the physically larger and thus more socially powerful members of the Ork race.


Nobz are the larger Ork boyz who are still smaller than the Warboss of a tribe, but are able to exert their authority upon their peers through their sheer size and commanding, if brutish, nature. The term "Nob" is believed to be short for a parody of the Gothic word 'Nobles', but pronounced by the guttural Orkish throats as 'Knobs'. They usually get the best pick of the weapons and armour whenever the mob comes across anything worth taking. Nobs are usually found barking orders to mobs of boyz, but its not uncommon to find them in elite squads of their own, or forming the bodyguard for the Warboss, where they will probably in squads of Meganobz.[1][3a] Banner Nobs are the most respected Nob in a warband, which carries its banner into battle. They are inspiring and fearsome in combat, especially when they learn the banner can be used as a weapon.[12]

Standard Nobz wield a variety of deadly wargear in battle, including Sluggas, twin-linked Shootas, Kombi-Weapons, Stikkbombs, Choppas, Big Choppas, Killsaws, Power Klaws, and Power Stabbas.[9]



Ork Nobz who value the thrill of close combat often become meganobs. They are recognised by their bulky armour they wear into battle, which they call Mega Armour, and by a dogged belief of their own invulnerability. A suit of mega armour is compromised of extremely thick metal plates welded onto a piston-driven exoskeleton. It incorporates several engines and sub-motors that give the wearer tremendous strength. For weaponry, Meganobz wield a fearsome array of Kombi-Weapons, Kustom Shootas, Killsaws, and Power Klaws.[1, 3b]


Nob Warbikers

Nob Warbikers are Nobz who prefer the thrill of a Warbike[3]


Beast Snagga Nob

Beast Snagga Nobz are Nobz who have joined the Beast Snagga culture and frequently lead lessers of their creed into battle. For these brutal Orks, the regular Squighog doesn’t offer quite enough power on the charge. Instead, they ride vicious Smasha Squigs, adorned with heavy armour.[10]



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