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Void Dragons

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Symbol of the Void Dragons[5]

The Void Dragons are a group of Eldar Corsairs[7] known for their use of the Void Dragon Phoenix[1] and Vampire Hunters fighter crafts.[3]


The Void Dragons are one of the most infamous and dangerous Corsair warbands, operating across the galaxy and estimated to operate at least 3,500 ships.[1] They are clad in menacing red and black armour adorned with stylized drakes and wyrms and are known to not attack in any particular pattern. Having attacked virtually every major galactic faction,[5] they are led by the haughty Princess Saarania who despite her vanity commands the respect of Craftworlds and even Asdrubael Vect, who has nonetheless secretly dispatched spies and assassins onto her ships.[1][5]

They have been encountered in the Cadian Gate, Tau Empire, and Halo Stars. Their attacks hold no predictable pattern, and range from abushes against Chaos raiders near the Eye of Terror to the mass enslavement of the Imperial Penal Colony of Vorenz-IV, to fighting against the Ork Empire of Charadon. They also saw action in the Betalis III System in conjunction with Mymeara, Alaitoc, and other Corsair bands like the Sunblitz Brotherhood.[1]

In 140.M40 the Void Dragons became involved in the conflict on Vern IV between the Death Spectres and the Kabal of the Envenomed Thorn.[2] They also sent forces to War Zone Laevenir to aid their Craftworld and Harlequin kin against the Tyranids.[4]

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