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Eldritch Omens

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Eldritch Omens
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 2022[1]
MSRP (£) 125[2]
Scale 28mm
Players 2
Preceded by Shadow Throne
Followed by Wrath of the Soul Forge King

Eldritch Omens is a battlebox for the 9th Edition of Warhammer 40,000.[1]


Swift and savage battle erupts upon the warp-cursed world of Daethe, as Autarch Ghaelyn leads the warriors of Saim-Hann against the Black Legionnaires of Warpsmith D'vok the Unmaker. Deep within the war-torn Nachmund, these two warbands clash over a mighty prize of souls, and a dread technology that could bring damnation down upon an entire race. With the jaws of a warp storm swiftly closing about them and the stakes impossibly high, desperate measures and terrible sacrifices will be required to achieve victory.[2]