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Immortal Enemies is illustrated and written by Jonathan Brünner. Jonathan Kroeger serves as one of the editors, specializing in all things Orks. Additionally, Tom Mon and Dave Nelson both lend their talents to making sure there are as few errors as possible. These are the four principle voices that can comment on Immortal Enemies on the blog, which has since been moved to a facebook group page.

Immortal Enemies was first created in English. Currently there are 10 pages translated and available for viewing in Dutch. Its creators are searching for people who are interested in translating the story into other major world languages as well.

This page is meant as a guide for those who read the graphic novel and are unfamiliar with any of the characters or concepts portrayed within. Broken into chapters, parts, and listed by page, additional information on most of the subjects found in the graphic novel can be found here.

Immortal Enemies Title Image
Act I
PART I - Introduction
The introduction is a 10 page lead in setting the stage for the novel's initial conflict, spoken from the perspective of an omniscient third party. It places an Ork raiding force on a planet not important enough to give a real name called Septimus Quadraticus Sistema IV Alpha-VII Principale, or simply Forasev.
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PART II - Captain Kairo
From the perspective of the Dark Angels Space Marines, the title of this portion of Immortal Enemies is in reference to the lead figure of the first person force, a marine Captain named Kairo.

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PART III - Differing Visions
Differing visions is the first appearance of the Eldar, Dark Eldar, and a Harlequin in the storyline. It centers around an encounter between Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar naval vessels on the one hand while on the other hand it is a portrayal of a mercenary exchange between Eldar and Dark Eldar, a harlequin serving as their intermediary.

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PART IV - Kaptain Zed and the Servitor
This portion of the story documents the flight of the orks, along with the wounded Kaptain Zed, from the main city of Forasev into the woods, with the help of an unlikely savior.

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PART V - Repressed Evil
The Eldar of Il-Kaithe show up at Forasev to find that the Ork pirates are about to leave... this portion of the story is currently in progress.

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Act II - Making of a Warboss
PART I - Making of a Warboss

Kaptain Zed finds himself alone, in space and joins a Whaarg lead by Grimnash the Whaargboss... but finds issue with some of the other bosses for whom he works.

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PART II - The Alley - Part I
The Loyalist Imperial Space Marine Chapter, Iron Hands, investigates the circumstances behind the incidents that happened on the Imperial world of Mjornir.

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PART III - The Krush Krusade
The Imperium had dispatched a massive fleet to deal with the threat of Grimnash and his Whaarg.

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PART IV - The Wrench
The Black Templar, after bringing a massive response to news of the engagement, are wrapping up their operations on Vitello Superba when they are suddenly confronted with the enigmatic Eldar.

Act III - An Ancient Plan
PART I - Union of Seers

The craftworld Iderhra is caught in the Eye of Terror. It is the time of the fall, and the Eldar are fighting for their very survival.

PART II - Foreseen - Birth of a Plan

The Harlequins have come to the craftworld Iderhra. The death of the troupe's solitaire is an opportunity to perform a rare dance to celebrate the victor over Slaanesh. Farseer Brun, hero to his people, is in attendance.

PART III - Stirring the Eye

A mysterious assailant boards a World Eaters battle barge, slaughtering Chaos Cultists and Chaos Space Marines alike. She reveals herself to be a Solitaire to the Chaos Warlord...

PART IV - Turned Back

The freebooters, now in control of the Whaarg continue on to Dorius IV where they find an imperial fleet waiting them, and the mysterious Blood Ravens ready to make battle...

PART V - Progress

The Solitaire returns with the ring from the murdered Crixus. Farseer Brun offers her a soul stone in return, but she is haunted by a vision.

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PART VI - The Alley - Part II

A decade after the Battle of Terra, the Blood Ravens are on a crusade to fight back the Thousand Sons when they are given aid, suddenly and unexpectedly by Eldrad Ulthran and the forces of Ulthwe.

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PART VII - The Fool

The Solitaire takes a trip to Titan, home of the vaunted Grey Knights.

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  • Story: Jonathan Brünner and Jonathan Kroeger
  • Illustration: Jonathan Brünner
  • Writer: Jonathan Brünner
  • Editors: Jonathan Kroeger, Dave Nelson, and Tom Mon
  • Total Pages: 217
  • Dutch Translation: Gert D'Hollander
  • Dutch Pages: 10
  • Last Updated: August 24, 2014
Notable Characters
In order of appearance:

The Servitor: An anonymous, but never-the-less pivotal cog in the interuments of fate.

Kaptain Zed Gorzog: A freebooter, Ork pirate, his concept originally Jonathan Kroeger's army commander.

Captain Kairo: The Captain of the 7th Company of Dark Angels and leader of a task force sent to retake the planet from the ork freebooters, named for the table-top leader of Dave Nelson's army.

Seer Brün: The enigmatic leader of the Craftworld Iderhra, leader of Jonathan Brünner's craftworld Eldar list.

The Solitaire: Originally an Eldar in her own right, no doubt with a name, this woman has taken on the mantle of she who thirsts and given up her identity.

Studgrim: An Ork freebooter.

Grimnash: Leader of an Ork Whaarg

Zoggurtz: A boss working for Grimnash' Whaarg.

Iron-Commander Arx Vis: Iron Hand Leader of the Anngst Clan Company

Pathos: Iron Hand Sergeant.

Chapter-Master Haemon: Leader of the Lamenters Chapter of Space Marines.

Marshal Nikademus: Black Templar leader of the XIIIth Crusade Company.

Update History
  • 10/27/06 - The Ultinomicon opens with the first 30 pages of Immortal Enemies.
  • 11/13/06 - Pages I-31 through I-35 added.
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  • 11/27/06 - Pages I-39 through I-42 added.
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  • 01/10/07 - Pages I-49 through I-51 added.
  • 01/20/07 - Pages I-52 through I-58 added.
  • 02/16/07 - Act I Part 3 added, pages I-59 through 1-63.
  • 03/29/07 - Act I Part 4, pages I-64 through I-66 added. Immortal Bloggers opened.
  • 07/01/07 - Pages I-67 through I-69 added.
  • 07/08/07 - Pages I-70 through I-72 added.
  • 07/16/07 - Pages I-73 through I-76 added.
  • 07/22/07 - Act I Part 5, page I-77 through I-79 added.
  • 07/30/07 - Pages I-80 through I-82 added.
  • 08/05/07 - Act I Completed, pages I-83 through I-85 added.
  • 08/23/07 - Act II Part I begun, pages II-1 through II-3 added.
  • 09/12/07 - Pages II-4 and II-5 added.
  • 10/03/07 - Pages II-6 through II-8 added.
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  • 10/27/07 - Pages II-11 through II-15 added - 100 Pages total - 1 Year Anniversary.
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