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Typical Ork Shoota[4]

Shoota is the name for the most popular type of Ork projectile weapon.

Description and Variants

There is no standard design for a Shoota - most of them are hand-crafted by Mekboyz and are often customized by their owners, so although they may conform to a general pattern, no two shootas will look the same. A shoota fires either massive bullets or explosive shells, or even a mixture of both. As is the case with most Ork weapons, they are crude but effective. A Shoota is considered good if it fires a burst of shots at once and makes a lot of noise. Noise is important, as many Orks believe that the louder a weapon is, the better damage and range it has. Orks that enjoy shooting often acquire Shootas and form up mobs of Shoota Boyz.[3b][2a]

Because of Mekboyz' constant struggle to outdo each other, shootas may vary in appearance, but they usually have comparable performance, unless they have received a "kustom job" from a particularly inventive Mekboy. Shootas are very common and as such are often combined with other weapons to make a Kombi-Weapon[1]

Iron Sight Shootas

Iron Sight Shootas utilize tracer round technology and as a result their accuracy seems to be markedly improved by the use of red tracer ammunition. Their use of tracer technology has attracted the attention of the Ordo Xenos, who have authorized the capture of the weapons - for an inquiry into whether or not the Shootas use some sort of sorcerous ammunition rounds.[13]

Twin-linked Shoota

Ork Mekboys can customize Shootas by adding an extra barrel for more firepower. These custom Shootas cost much more Teef and are usually used by Nobs or Warbosses. They are also often incorporated into Mega Armour.[2]


Kannons are simple Ork weapons, put together in huge numbers. Most of them have a single thick barrel and fire hefty shells stored in magazines or even loaded before each shot. Kannons are less popular then Shootas, because they have a very slow rate of fire and their sidekick makes them inaccurate even for Orks. Still, they are pretty loud and have a big, intimidating muzzle and so are still used by some Ork Boys.[3b]


Also known as Spechul Shoota, a Blunderbuss is a simple variation of a kannon, and they are often made from the wrecks of kannons which backfired and burst their barrels. A blunderbuss features a very short muzzle and uses shells made up of dozens of pellets crammed together. When it fires, it gouts a cloud of ricocheting pellets, making it very easy to hit a target. However, it suffers from a short range, as pellets lose their hitting power very quickly. It's very cheap though, and so has its uses in Ork society.[3b][8]

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