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Salinas is a war-torn planet in the Paragonus sub-sector.

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Salinas Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Unknown
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Paragonus[1a]
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Unknown
Tithe Grade: Unknown


By an accident of stellar geography, Salinas occupies a region of space where the barriers between the Warp and realspace are unusually thin and permeable, making the planet vulnerable to the influence of Chaos.[1b]

In or around M37, a Daemon Prince, Ustaroth, was able to manifest itself on Salinas, and the ensuing havoc and slaughter caused the planet's Imperial Commander to call for help. A detachment of Space Marines from the Sons of Guilliman arrived to fight alongside the Imperial forces, but was wiped out to a man. The Chaos presence continued to ravage Salinas for another ten years, before warriors of the Grey Knights arrived, and the Daemon Prince was finally defeated by the great Ignatius. Despite this victory, the walls of reality were worn even thinner by the Chaos presence, and the Grey Knights have had to maintain a constant vigil on the planet.[1c]

In or around 965 M41[1d], the sub-sector was engulfed in a rebellion by traitor forces of the Warlord Crozus Regaur, loyal to Chaos. An Imperial Crusade was raised to put down the rebellion, including an Imperial Guard Regiment from outside the sector, the Achaman Falcatas. After twenty years of bloody fighting, the Falcatas were converted into an army of conquest and given the Right of Settlement over Salinas, in the course of destroying any rebellious elements there.[1d]

Despite the populace's pleas that they had always been loyal to the Emperor, the Falcatas believed that they had earned the right to conquer the planet. The planet's Governor, Shaara, was executed, and replaced by the Falcatas' commander, Leto Barbaden. A bloody civil war followed, between the Falcatas and an insurgent force, The Sons of Salinas. The war ended with the Khaturian Massacre, orchestrated by Barbaden.[1d]

Soon after, Captain Uriel Ventris and Sergeant Pasanius Lysane of the Ultramarines, and the Unfleshed, arrived on the planet, carried from Medrengard by the Daemon Engine which formerly housed the Omphalos Daemonium. Almost immediately, the Warp began affecting reality and the dead spirits of the innocent people killed at Khaturian rose again, seeking revenge, taking over the Unfleshed in the process. The rage felt by these spirits was so potent as to open a gateway to the Warp on Salinas, requiring the Grey Knights to return and deal with the threat. The potential danger was so great that the Knights briefly considered Exterminatus of the whole planet, but were able to end the disturbance and banish the abominations back into the Warp. As part of this banishment, the Grey Knights had to placate the dead by allowing them to take their revenge on Barbaden.[1e]

The planet is currently governed by Daron Nisato, a former commissar of the Falcatas who was dismissed from the regiment shortly before the massacre, and subsequently served as Barbaden's chief peacekeeper. Nisato enjoys the support of Pascal Blaise, the default leader of the Sons of Salinas, and so an uneasy truce exists between the Imperial Guard forces and the planet's populace, though it will likely be decades, if ever, before the planet's wounds begin to heal.[1f]

Culture and Technology

The people of Salinas are in constant poverty and fear. They have minimal technology, and their "cities" are mainly composed of the converted hulks of old Imperial Guard vehicles.[Needs Citation]