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Nurglings, also known as Mites of Nurgle, Little Lords (by the Death Guard)[7], or by their daemonic name "Khan'gurani'i"[4], are small Daemons that are born in the entrails of the Great Unclean Ones. Just like their parent Daemon, they are shaped after Nurgle himself.


Nurglings are concentrated pus and contagion come to life. They start as small blobs of filth, feeding on the rancid juices of the Great Unclean One's innards until they are able to leave his body. Even then, much of their existence resolves around their "father". They roam around the Great Unclean One and bicker among themselves for his attention, though there are always some unfortunate enough to get accidentally squashed or picked up as snacks.[1][2]

Nurglings are also eager to follow Champions of Nurgle around, be they mortal or daemonic, feeding upon the flakes of foul flesh these beings leave behind. They are willing to carry well favoured Heralds upon their bestowed palanquins and make the well-being of their Champions a personal matter.

When their host or master engages in battle, they swarm at the enemy, making up for their lack of strength and size with raw numbers and highly infectious claws and bites. Despite their good will, Nurglings are also mischievous in nature and cannot be trusted with certain tasks as they tend to wander off or cause damage without supervision.[2][3]

Palanquin of Nurgle

Palanquins of Nurgle are a form of Daemonic Steed used by the champions of Nurgle. They consist of donzens of Nurglings which have formed together, carrying the rider on a throne to war.[6]


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