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Company Ancient

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Ultramarines Company Ancient.[1]

Company Ancients, also known as Company Standard Bearers, are Space Marines who has shown honour and combat prowess sufficient to be granted the right to carry the Company Banner into battle. They often form part of a Command Squad and fight alongside the company's Captain.


One of the most common specialists found fighting alongside Veteran Squads, Company Ancients have the privilege of wielding the Company Standard into battle. Each such standard is an ancient relic, steeped in history and deeply revered by the warriors of the Company. Many have been carried over battlefields for hundreds and even thousands of years. Every Space Marine of a Company, from the most seasoned veteran to newest recruit, fights harder in the presence of a Company Ancient and his standard. Thus it is the duty of the Company Ancient to never let his banner drop while he still draws breath. Losing his banner while still living is seen as the most terrible and shameful dishonor. To this end, these individuals are invariable great warriors.[1]

Chapter Variations of the Company Ancient include Brotherhood Ancient, a title used by the Grey Knights.[2]

Chapter Ancient

Besides the company banners, each Space Marine Chapter has a single chapter banner, borne by a member of the Honour Guard.

Notable Company Ancients