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Vanguard Helix Adept

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A Vanguard Helix Adept

Helix Adepts are Primaris Space Marine Vanguard Apothecaries, that are assigned to Infiltrator squadrons.[1]

Due to the sheer length of time Vanguard Space Marines typically spend behind enemy lines, it was found effective for them to utilize a specialized corps of medical adepts permanently assigned to their formations. Known as Helix Adepts, these warriors are trained by the Chapter's Apothecarion but are not fully fledged Apothecaries. Their primary duty is to reclaim precious gene-seed from fallen Battle-Brothers, but should an assigned Apothecary superior fall in battle they are also capable of undertaking general medic duties. Helix Adepts wield a device known as the Helix Gauntlet, which is in effect a scaled-down version of an Apothecary's Narthecium.[2]