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Bladeguard Veteran

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Ultramarines Bladeguard Veteran Squad[2]

Bladeguard Veterans are Primaris First Company veterans.

Bladeguard veterans go into battle clad in richly ornamented armor, covered with seals of purity and adorned with victory icons and heraldic items. Their imposing storm shields are the work of entire generations of Chapter Serfs, and the powerful force-field generators they house are said to protect the soul of their wearer as well as their flesh. This equipment comes out of the chapter's reliquaries during wartime, and it reminds Battle Brothers who see it in battle of the legacy they swore to honor upon their enthronement.[4]

Chapter Variations

The Dark Angels' Bladeguard Veterans serve in the Deathwing, after having earned the hard-won trust of the Chapter's Inner Circle.[3]

The Space Wolves’ Bladeguard Veterans fight as part of the Chapter’s elite Wolf Guard.


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