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Vanguard Librarian

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Vanguard Librarian

Vanguard Librarians are Primaris Space Marine Psykers that are masters of shrouding and stealth, allowing their Battle Brothers to strike at enemy forces when they’re least expected. They sometimes lead Vanguard Space Marine strike forces to battle.[1]

Librarians chosen for Vanguard service have mastered unique battle-disciplines that focus on obscuring the passage of their comrades and wrong-footing the opponent with illusions and hallucinations. Shaping psychic energy about themselves like a cloak of shadow, these psykers guide their battle-brothers through enemy territory to their destination without raising so much as a flicker of suspicion from watchful foes. They are cowled in hooded camo cloaks to keep their identity – and the formidable psychic potential at their disposal – concealed.[2]