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Incursor Squad

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Incursor Squad[3]

Incursors are a type of Primaris Space Marine Vanguard unit.[4]


Incursor Squads fulfill an aggressive, close-quarters gunfighting role within Astartes forces. Their mission typically sees them storming defended positions, flanking, or spearheading advances to rapidly knock out key enemy assets such as power generators and communication centers. Key to this role are their Occulus Bolt Carbines and the Divinator-class Auspexes that feed directly into their highly advanced transpectral combat visors. This remarkable combination of visual and multi-spectral observation and analysis technology gathers every scrap of data from the wearer's surroundings. It employs a slaved Machine Spirit to collate the findings at a thousand times the speed of human thought and feed the resultant information to the Incursor's field of vision. Armed with this tightly controlled flood of intelligence, Incursors fight in an almost precognitive fashion.[2]

The visors of the Incursors also allow them to see foes through solid walls, smoke, and absolute darkness. They can detect high-altitude drop troops, the signatures of teleporting foes before they materialize, the tectonic tremors that indicate an enemy is about to emerge from a tunnel, and they can even form predictive models of their opponents' fighting patterns in real time. They couple this ability with constant training in combat knife techniques and heavy duty haywire mines to knock out enemy armor.[2]

Types of Vanguard Incursors


Incursor Marksman with scope occluded by iron sight[5]

Marksmen employ Divinator-Class Auspexes to precognitively track where their targets will be and then accordingly place their kill shots with Occulus Bolt Carbines.[5]


Raven Guard Incursor Minelayer[5]

Minelayers plant heavy duty Haywire Mines, at pre-cogitated nexuses of probable enemy movement.[5]


Incursor Sergeant[5]

Sergeants tend towards aggressive and dynamic strategies. Those in command of Phobos Strike Teams lead them in furious covert offensives, that leave enemy command structures and logistical chains in tatters. This then makes them ripe for a planetary onslaught by a full-blown Space Marine Strike Force.[5]


Salamanders Incursor Warrior[5]

Warriors are potent offensive skirmishers who use their oracular auspices to spot enemy targets. The Warriors then press swiftly upon their foes' positions before engaging in bloody, one-sided firefights with the outmaneuvered enemy.[5]


Incursor Squad[6]


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