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Custodian Venatari

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Venetari Squad

The Custodian Venatari are one of the warrior-castes within the Adeptus Custodes and are jump-infantry, equipped with winged Jump Packs known as Auramite Pinions.[1]

Often referred to as the Emperor's ‘Hunting Eagles’, the Venatari are specialists in neutralizing any threats to him, from amidst the sprawling towers and spire-tops of the Imperial Palace[1]. Vaunted as a high honour among the Legio Custodes, the role of Custodian Venatari is reserved for a scant few veterans of the Blood Games, with the proven skill to master the rare and sophisticated flight system and archaeotech weapons Venatari wield.[2]

In battle, Custodian Venataris dual-wield a Tarsus Buckler and archaeotech Kinetic Destroyer, as well as Plasma Grenades and Krak Grenades. Some also go into battle with a close-ranged Venatari Lance. For protection, they wear Auramite armor reinforced with Refractor Fields.[1]


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