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Atalan Jackal

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Atalan Jackal

Atalan Jackals are a type of fourth-generation[2] Genestealer Hybrid that ride rapid-assault bikes and quads to battle.


Riding Munitorum-built Dirtcycles or Wolfquads, Atalan Jackals roar across the wastelands and dart through subterranean tunnels. They have the uncanny ability to pick out the best positions from which to launch in a killing strike, using their vehicles to leap over obstacles and onto roofs or gantries. They hunt as a pack, each psychically linked to the others to such an extent that they can speed down a disused tunnel at five abreast and never so much clip one another's vehicle. In battle, this mental link makes them all the more formidable, for they fight as one.[2]

Like many of the Genestealer Cult's activities, Atalan Jackals operate under a shield of legitimacy. Under the guise of scouts using industrial machinery to search out new seams and quarries, Jackals scout for their Cult and track out new territory with little notice. Even so, cultists always cover their tracks and Jackals live a nomadic lifestyle that sees them only return to their brood lairs when they have something of importance to report.[2]

In battle, Atalan Jackals are serpent-fast, jinking left and right through enemy fire without pause. They ride in close to lash out with crowbars, electro-hatchets, and improvised weapons made deadlier through their momentum. Enemy officers who dismiss them as light cavalry soon learn the error of their ways, as the Jackals carry hidden mining charges that they lob into their ranks.

The leader of a Jackal pack is known as the Jackal Alphus.[1]



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