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Chaos Space Marine Weaponry (List)

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This is a list of the Weapons available to most Chaos Space Marine Warbands.

  • Note — this list does not include character-specific items.

Close Combat Weapons

Standard Close Combat Weapons

Close Combat Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Axe of Dismemberment Close Combat Weapon Khorne item
Bedlam Staff Daemon Weapon Tzeentchian item
Axe of Khorne Daemon Weapon Khornate item
Berzerker Axe Chain Weapons Khornate item
Berzerker Glaive Daemon Weapon Khornate item
Blood Maul Power Weapons
Cataclysmic Hellblade Daemon Weapons Tzeentchian item
Close Combat Weapon Close Combat Weapons
Chain axe Chain Weapons
Chainfist Chain Weapons
Chainsword Chain Weapons
Chain Glaive Chain Weapons
Chaos Chainsword Daemon Weapon
Chaos Power Sword Power Weapons
Dark Blade Daemon Weapon
Daemon Maul Daemon Weapons
Dreadaxe Daemon Weapon
Ether Lance Daemon Weapon Close Combat and Ranged
Force Weapon Force Weapon
Kirn-Knives of Hataxis Daemon Weapons
Lash of Torment Daemon Weapon Slaaneshi item
Lightning Claws Powered Weapons
Manreaper Daemon Weapon Nurglesque item
Needle of Desire Daemon Weapon Slaaneshi item
Nostraman Chainglaive Chain Weapon Night Lords item
Oracle Stave Force Weapons Tzeentchian item/Sorcerer item
Pandemic Staff Daemon Weapon Nurglesque item, Close Combat and Ranged
Paralyzing Lightning Claw Power Weapons
Plague Fist Power Weapons Nurglesque item
Plague Knife Close Combat Weapons Nurglesque item
Plague Sword Daemon Weapon Nurglesque item
Possessed Chainsword Daemon Weapons
Power Fist Powered Weapons
Power Weapon Powered Weapons
Power Scourge Powered Weapons
Skull Breaker Power Weapons Khornate item
Staff of Daemonic Flame Force Weapons
Staff of Tzeentch Force Weapons Tzeentchian item
Staff of Warpfire Force Weapons
Sword of Fate Force Weapons Tzeentchian item
Sword of Flame Force Weapons Sorcerer item
Sword of Spite Force Weapons
Sword of Undeath Power Weapons Nurglesque item
Warp Blade Daemon Weapons Tzeentchian item

Vehicle Close Combat Weapons

Vehicle Close Combat Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon Power Weapons
Magma Cutter
Lasher Tendril
Great Cleaver of Khorne
Siege Claw

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons (Basic)

Ranged Weapons (Basic)
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Blastmaster Sonic Weapon Slaaneshi item
Bolter (or Boltgun) Bolt Weapons
Bolt Pistol Bolt Weapons
Chaos Bolt Pistol Daemon Weapons
Combi-Flamer Bolter-Flamer
Combi-Plasma Gun Bolter-Plasma Gun
Combi-Meltagun Bolter-Meltagun
Daemon Eye Bolter Bolter
Daemonic Fire Daemon Weapons
Dirge Caster Sonic Weapon
Doom Siren Sonic Weapon Slaaneshi item
Ether Lance Daemon Weapon Close Combat and Ranged
Flamer Flame Weapons
Kai Gun Daemon Weapon
The Maddening Pyre Melta Weapons
Meltagun Melta Weapons
Pandemic Staff Daemon Weapon Nurglesque item, Close Combat and Ranged
Plasma Gun Plasma Weapons
Plasma Pistol Plasma Weapons
Possessed Bolter Daemon Weapon
Sonic Blaster Sonic Weapon Slaaneshi item
Spore Caster Slaaneshi item

Ranged Weapons (Heavy)

Ranged Weapons (Heavy)
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Autocannon Auto Weapons
Baleflamer Flame Weapon
Battle Cannon Ordnance Weapons Vehicle mounted
Black Sun of Medrengard Plasma Weapon
Butcher Cannon Dreadnought-mounted[1]
Ectoplasma Cannon Plasma Weapon Vehicle Mounted
Excruciator Cannon Daemon Engine mounted
Demolisher cannon Ordnance Weapons Vehicle mounted
Hades Autocannon Autocannon Vehicle mounted
Havoc Missile Launcher Missile Weapons Vehicle mounted
Heavy bolter Bolt Weapons
Heavy Conversion Beamer Daemon Engine-mounted
Heavy flamer Flame Weapons
Hellflamer Flame Weapon Dreadnought-mounted[1]
Lascannon Las Weapons
Missile launcher Missile Weapons
Multi-melta Melta Weapons
Plasma Cannon Plasma Weapons
Reaper Autocannon Auto Weapons
Soulburner Petard Daemon Engine-mounted
Soulburner ribaudkin[1] Dreadnought-mounted
Stormlaser Daemon Engine-mounted
Tainted Heavy Bolter Bolt Weapons
Tainted Lascannon Las Weapons
Tainted Plasma Cannon Plasma Weapons


Name Notes
Blight Grenades Nurglesque item
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Melta Bombs

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