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Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader

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Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader

The Grey Knight Land Raider Crusader is a rare variant of the standard Land Raider Crusader of the Space Marine Chapters. The extra space provided by removing the Godhammer-pattern Lascannons provides much more space for Grey Knights Terminators, which is greatly appreciated as they attempt to go about their battle preparation without colliding with others. They are known to have received at least one Crusader after the Scharnel Incident.[1]


The Grey Knights Crusader is armed with two Hurricane-pattern bolters, one twin-linked Assault Cannon and one Multi-melta. It also carries Frag Assault Launchers, Extra Armour and can be upgraded with Blessed, Dozer Blade, a Hunter-killer Missile, a Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter, Psycannon Bolts, Sacred Hull, Searchlight and Smoke Launchers.[1]


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