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Jungle World

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Jungle worlds are covered from pole to pole in one single planet-spanning jungle. "Jungle world" is not a technical planet classification, but a general term referring to its natural environment.[Needs Citation]

Notable Jungle Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Affilation Population Notes
Andronicus Prime (former) Ultima Unknown, former Imperium None Now — Dead World
Belaeno Unknown Imperium Unknown
Bengoli V Unknown Unknown Unknown Subjected to Exterminatus
Biegel 9 Unknown Imperium Unknown
Breanna Unknown Imperium Unknown Also Paradise World
Catachan Ultima Imperium Unknown Also Death World
Comania Obscurus Imperium Unknown Also Industrial World
Cytheria Ultima Tau Empire (formerly Imperium) Unknown
Drykeena Unknown Imperium Unknown
Eireius (former) Unknown Unknown, formerly Imperium Unknown former Agri World, now — Dead World
Elnath Unknown Imperium Unknown
Galavan Unknown Imperium Unknown
Galmor Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ghoroi V Ultima Unknown Unknown
Goranado Unknown Imperium Unknown
Graffias Unknown Chaos Unknown
Heym's World Ultima Unknown Unknown
Hyades Obscurus Imperium, House Belisarius Unknown
I'Ycklahl Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jucha[1] Unknown Imperium Unknown Conquered during the Macharian Crusade[1]
Krakan Unknown Imperium Unknown Also Death World
Mekbuda Obscurus Chaos Unknown
Merga Unknown Chaos Unknown
Miral II Tempestus Imperium Unknown Was saved by the Imperial Fists Chapter, from the Hive Fleet Leviathan
Moraz III Unknown Unknown Unknown Also Death World. Infested with Genestealers
Mordriana III Obscurus Unknown Unknown Also Feral World
Mullis IV Unknown Unknown Unknown Also War World
Nalibraxis II Unknown Unknown Unknown Site of battle between the forces of the Imperium and the Thousand Sons
Naos Unknown Imperium Unknown
Nectavus VI Ultima Imperium Unknown Also — Death World
Prosperon (former) Unknown Unknown, former Imperium None Now — Dead World
Rana Unknown Imperium Unknown
Rhorsch Unknown Unknown Unknown Also a Shrine World. The Mortifactors and the Raven Guard Chapters fought there with Daemons and Blood Cults
Saganor Unknown Imperium Unknown Declared Forbidden World by the Inquisition
Savrap Ultima Imperium Unknown
Stalinvast Unknown Imperium Unknown Also a Hive World[Needs Citation]
Taygeta Obscurus Chaos Unknown
Typhon Primaris Ultima Imperium Unknown Former Feral World, now — Dead World
Tza-Chao Unknown Unknown Unknown Site of the pre-Heresy battle where the Sons of Horus and the Emperor's Children fought against the Eldar
Uldan Unknown Imperium Unknown Also Mining World
Verdicon Unknown Unknown Unknown Also War World
Veskepine Unknown Imperium Unknown


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