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Ork Flame Weapons

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Orks take savage delight in the pure destructive power of fire. To that end, they create a wide variety of flame weapons. They are as varied as all Ork weaponry. No two look the same, and several defy exact categorization, being the unique creation of a particularly inventive Mek.

Ork-Portable Weapons


The Burna is the basic Ork flame weapon, akin to an Imperial Flamer. Most burnas a little more than cans of fuel hooked up to a pump, they are devastating on a battlefield. Burnas are heavy-duty combination of cutting torch and flamethrower, switching between two functions with a simple twist of the spigot and altering the fuel pressure. This allows its user to slice through anything from personal armour to starship's hull, or incinerate enemies, using it as a normal flamer. It is often used in as a construction tool in creating Ork war machines, as well as a weapon. For fuel Burnas use toxic liquid, usually a mix of pressured squig-oil and promethium, hand-made by Ork Mekboys, each of whom has his own recipe of the 'burnin' brew'. Like most examples of Ork technology, Burnas are designed to sustain the worst sort of battering and are very robust. They have to be, given that they are often used in close combat as improvised bludgeons after the fuel runs out. Orks obsessed with fire often equip themselves with Burnas, forming up mobs of Burna Boyz.[2a][3c][7]

Kombi Shoota-Skorcha

The Kombi Shoota-Skorcha is a variant of Kombi-Weapon, that uses a Skorcha with a limited supply of fuel as a secondary weapon to a Shoota. It is used by Orks that can afford such a weapon, such as Nobs or Warbosses.[2b]

Splash Burna

The Splash Burna is what happens when you ask a Mek boy to take parts from a Space Marine plasma weapon and combine them with a standard Ork Burna. Not a kombi weapon, this hybrid functions (essentially) like a Plasma gun, but the fuel source is liquid based, rather than plasma coil based. The coils still perform a vital function, super heating the fuel to extreme temperatures, and the liquid itself clings to the target causing sustained damage. The fuel pack, on the other hand, is extremely precarious and often explodes if shot.[11]

Vehicle-Mounted Weapons


The Skorcha is literally a flame-thrower, a device designed to hurl burning fuel, with a volatile mixture of gases and liquids compressed into a cylinder. When a valve is opened, the mixture is forced through the Skorcha's nozzle and sprayed over a target area, reducing it to burning shambles in seconds. It is basically the Ork equivalent of a Heavy Flamer, usually mounted on vehicles such as Killa Kans, Grot Tanks or Wartrakk Skorchas, or as a secondary weapon on bigger Ork war machines. Skorchas are dangerous, unreliable and spectacular weapons and so are very popular among Orks.[1][2b][5]


The Supa-Skorcha is an even bigger flame weapon that is sometimes mounted on Mekboy Junkas or Mega Dreads.[3a]

Flame Belcha

The Flame Belcha is an enormous flamer that can be mounted in a Stompa's head[3a][3b] This weapon really lives up to its name, as the torrents of flame can incinerate vast swathes of the enemy army.

Burna Bombs

The Burna Bomb is a variant of Ork Bomm, that can be mounted on Ork Fighta-Bommers or Burna-Bommers. When these bombs explode they blanket vast swathes of the battlefield with burning promethium.[4]

Skorcha Missiles

The Skorcha Missile is a variant of Ork Rokkit, that can be mounted on Ork Burna-Bommers. These "fire and fergit" rokkits corkscrew wildly toward their target before exploding in great balls of flame.[4]