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The Burna is a type of Ork Flame weapon.[1]


The Burna is the basic Ork flame weapon, akin to an Imperial Flamer. Most burnas a little more than cans of fuel hooked up to a pump, they are devastating on a battlefield. Burnas are heavy-duty combination of cutting torch and flamethrower, switching between two functions with a simple twist of the spigot and altering the fuel pressure. This allows its user to slice through anything from personal armour to starship's hull, or incinerate enemies, using it as a normal flamer. It is often used in as a construction tool in creating Ork war machines, as well as a weapon. For fuel Burnas use toxic liquid, usually a mix of pressured squig-oil and promethium, hand-made by Ork Mekboys, each of whom has his own recipe of the 'burnin' brew'. Like most examples of Ork technology, Burnas are designed to sustain the worst sort of battering and are very robust. They have to be, given that they are often used in close combat as improvised bludgeons after the fuel runs out. Orks obsessed with fire often equip themselves with Burnas, forming up mobs of Burna Boyz.[1][2][3]


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