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Standard Lobba[3]

The Lobba is a type of Ork artillery weapon.[1]

The Lobba is a large Ork artillery piece firing in high arcs, 'lobbing' a high explosive shell into the air, much like mortars. It is often used to pound enemy infantry squads over intervening obstacles. Most lobbas look like big mortars or rokkits, although the Lobbas used by Snakebites or other primitive tribes may take the form of a catapult or trebuchet. They are often mounted on various Ork vehicles from Gunwagons to Battle Fortresses or used as Big Guns. When used in this role, Lobbas are Grot's favourite artillery pieces, because they don't require for them to expose themselves to the enemy to use them.[1][2]


  • Big Lobba: A Big Lobba is a more powerful version of the Lobba sometimes mounted on heavy ork vehicles such as Big Trakks or Battle Fortresses. It has a bigger blast but the same range as a standard Lobba. It is basically the Ork equivalent of the Heavy Mortar used by the Imperial Guard.[2]
  • Eavy Lobba: Large version used on Hunta Rigs.[7]
  • Supa-Lobba: The Supa-lobba is an even heavier version of the Lobba. It is normally mounted on Squiggoths or Battle Fortresses. It works like a normal lobba but is powerful enough to damage heavily armoured tanks. Again, its blast is even bigger but the range is the same.[2]



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