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Hunt for the Wulfen

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Harald Deathwolf battles a Herald of Tzeentch during the Hunt for the Wulfen

The Hunt for the Wulfen was a major expedition by the Space Wolves conducted in the closing days of the 41st Millennium.[1a]



When Wulfen openly returned to the Imperium to rescue the Space Wolves of Harald Deathwolf in the Battle of Nurades, they were immediately sent to Fenris to await judgement. Standing before Logan Grimnar himself, Ulrik proclaimed that the return of the Wulfen was an omen that Leman Russ' return was imminent. A fierce debate over the future of the Chapter and what to do with the Wulfen erupted. Ultimately, Ragnar Blackmane proclaimed that the Wulfen must be gathered and brought to Fenris before they were found by the Inquisition or other Imperial authorities. Thus the Great Companies of the Space Wolves set off to gather the Wulfen, which were now being spotted near Warp Storms, in the hopes they could lead them to the Space Wolves' lost Primarch.[1a]


As Warp Storms emerged in ever-greater numbers, creating major Daemonic incursions, the Space Wolves rushed to key Warp Storms to recover Wulfen that always seemed nearby. Krom Dragongaze is left in charge of protecting Fenris as the Wolves begin their hunt.[1a]

  • Voyage of the Coldfang — The Strike Cruiser Coldfang travels to the Anvarheim System, recovering packs of Wulfen.[1a]
  • FimnirBran Redmaw leads forces against Chaos Spawns and possessed miners near the gas giant of Fimnir, finding the Wulfen who come to their aid to slaughter their foes. However as other Imperial forces arrive, Bran and the Wulfen withdraw before the infestation is fully purged.[1a]
  • Spartha IVEngir Krakendoom arrives to find Daemonic forces defeated by Ulthwe Eldar, who are hunting the Wulfen. The Eldar are driven off, saving the Wulfen and local ore miners.[1a]
  • DragosRagnar Blackmane falls upon Dragos, battling Daemon-haunted jungles to recover their former 13th Company brethren. After rescuing the Wulfen, Blackmane rescues Mechanicus personnel stranded on the planet.[1a]
  • Hades ReachKjarl Grimblood defeats a host of Daemons led by the Blue Scribes to recover a handful of Wulfen.[1a]
  • AtrapanBjorn Stormwolf arrives at the Penal World, where the Wulfen are causing great carnage. The Stormwolf plows through gangs of inmates to recover the Wulfen, devolving into a berserk savage during the fighting.[1a]
  • SuldabraxErik Morkai bests a Slaanesh Daemon Prince in single combat to save over a billion Imperial citizens.[1a]
  • EmberghulGunnar Red Moon is engulfed by a Warp Storm after departing The Fang and finds itself instantly teleported above the besieged world of Emberghul. Alongside the Rune Priest Skaerl Wyrdseer, the Space Wolves are able to defeat the Daemons in a series of ambushes and recover the Wulfen in a matter of hours.[1a]
  • Strike Force WhitestalkerHarald Deathwolf leads his forces, including Wulfen under Yngvir, from the Strike Cruiser Alpha Fang. They travel to the world Svardeghul which is plagued by a major Warp Storm and already a scene of mass slaughter by Daemons. The Wolves manage to take many of the Daemonic legions by surprise, slaughtering them before moving on the Tzeentchian Herald that commanded them. Harald is injured fighting a Soul Grinder, but his Wulfen allies save the day.[1a]
  • Mydgal SystemEgil Iron Wolf leads his forces to the blighted Promethium-producing world of Mydgal Alpha. As the last of the worlds population is engulfed by mass Promethium fires and Daemons, Egil Iron Wolf orders his forces to ignore the pleas of civilians and focus on hunting the Wulfen. The Wolves come to blows with a massive Nurgle Daemon Prince Mordokh the Rotted. After a bloody fight, the Wolves manage to defeat the Daemon lord and push his forces back before evacuating off the planet with some rescued Wulfen.[1a]
  • TranquilitusSven Bloodhowl's forces emerge over the planet, finding a Dark Angels Cruiser nearby. Though on tense terms and often firing close to one another, the Wolves and Dark Angels cooperated against Daemons in the battle. As the Dark Angels were distracted by hordes of Daemons, the Space Wolves quickly recover the Wulfen and speed away from the planet.[1b] The Changeling, disguising himself as Sammael, spreads the tale that the Wolves massacred Dark Angels to rescue the Wulfen.[2]
  • VikurusLogan Grimnar himself leads his great company on the Shrine World. As they battle Daemons alongside Sisters of Battle over the skies of the capital Absolom, the Grey Knights under Arvann Stern arrive. Grimnar's Wolfguard, Murderfang, and the Grey Knights battle together against the Daemons. Grimnar is aided in battle against a Bloodthirster by Grey Knights Terminators. However in the aftermath of the battle, Stern demands Grimnar surrender himself. After Grimnar explains the situation of the Wulfen, Stern warns the Wolves that the Thousand Sons are making a major move on Fenris. Alarmed, Grimnar rallies the Wolves Great Companies and moves towards the Fenris System.[1b]

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