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Siege of Inwit

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Siege of Inwit
Conflict Horus Heresy
Date 009-013.M31
Location Inwit Cluster
Outcome Loyalist victory
Imperium Traitors
See order of battle See order of battle
Unknown, presumed heavy Unknown

The Siege of Inwit (009.M31 - 013.M31) was a Horus Heresy campaign, that Warmaster Horus' Traitor forces waged against the Imperium's Inwit Cluster.[1]


It was undertaken by dozens of Traitor fleets, who each sought to claim the prize of the Imperial Fists Legion's Homeworld, Inwit. The siege then steadily increased in intensity for four years,[1] with the Imperial garrisons being occasionally reinforced by contingents of the Imperial Army and Mechanicum.[3]

Eventually, a vast Traitor force including elements of the World Eaters, Iron Warriors, and Thousand Sons[3] eventually fought their way to Inwit itself as the remaining loyalists sought to dug-in and make a final stand. After the invaders then laid siege to the world, the Imperial Fists lost dozens of warships in desperate attempts to break the blockade and seek reinforcements. While the Imperial Fists Frigate Astral Majesty was able to reach the Dark Angels forces, they soon found themselves requisitioned for Lion El'Jonson's Crusade of vengeance instead of relieving Inwit.[2]

However, Warmaster Horus' direct assault on Terra drew the many traitors away from the Inwit Cluster.[1] This allowed a relief force of Salamanders, Imperial Army, and Mechanicum forces to reach Inwit and break the siege.[3] In the wake of the traitors' retreat, however, they left behind a string of burning and wasted worlds across the Inwit Cluster.[1] After their victory at Inwit, the local loyalists intervened in the Malagant Conflict.[3]

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