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Cataclysm of Iron

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Cataclysm of Iron
Titans battle in the Cataclysm of Iron
Conflict Horus Heresy
Date 005-010.M31 (Initial Phase)
010-015.M31 (Main Phase)
Location Belt of Iron
Outcome Loyalist Victory
Imperium Dark Mechanicum
Magos Dominus Xixos
Princeps Maxima Millicent Nuvarss
Sub-Princeps Jandolla Altreax
Princeps Maxima Procolus
Magos Dominus Hieroneyum (KIA)
Legio Astraman
Legio Atarus
Legio Ignatum
Legio Venator Loyalists
House Col'Khak
House Moritain
Legio Laniaskara
Legio Kulisaetai
Legio Tritonis
Legio Damicium
Legio Venator Traitors
House Gotrith
House Vextrix
Iron Warriors elements
billions of civilians

The Cataclysm of Iron was a campaign of the Horus Heresy fought from 010 to 013.M31.[2]

The battles took place in the "Belt of Iron", a region of Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Pacificus home to numerous lesser Forge Worlds. Many of these worlds declared for the Dark Mechanicum upon the outbreak of the Schism of Mars. Sporadic fighting between loyalist and traitor Mechanicum elements in this region erupted into full-scale war in 010.M31, pitching the traitor Forge Worlds of Incunabula, Urdesh, Valia-Maximal, and Kalibrax against the loyalist worlds of Graia, Arl'yeth, and Atar-Median. The worlds of Arachnus and Jerulas Station meanwhile both fell into their own civil wars. In the subsequent devastating fighting, many nearby worlds were swallowed up in the destruction.[1]


Initial Actions

The war's initial phase was in 005-010.M31. During this time Graia and Atar-Median declared loyalty for the Emperor while Valia-Maximal sided with Horus. The rivalry between Valia-Maximal and Graia were brought to the fore and both sides launched probing assaults against the other which saw Valia-Maximal unleash ancient forbidden weaponry upon its foe which permanently affected its surface. For every world that proved eager to side with Graia and Atar-Median in return for the favour of the larger Forge World, there were those who offered only empty words in response and time would show that their allegiance had been bought by the Fabricator-General of Mars. Urdesh managed to supply traitor cells in Segmentum Solar while Kalibrax reinforced the empty world of Findari Spoil, an action which was detected by Graia. In 010.M31 all communication with Jerulas Station ceased while Arachnus closed its borders as they argued amongst themselves. Upon Pioro III, 14 Titans were felled as the clashes between Legio Laniaskara and Legio Astraman escalated and of the millions caught in the crossfire, few survived. In amongst this tension and turmoil a single Iron Warriors fleet entered the Findari Spoil, its presence unnoticed by all bar Atar-Median, who looked upon it with dread.[3]

In 215010.M31 in what is now seen as the first blow of the Cataclysm of Iron, the arrival of the Iron Warriors prompted Atar-Median to assemble its forces to war and fall upon the Findari Spoil. The loyalists judged that their plans to seize the Findari Spoil would succeed only if they were accelerated. Having set themselves on the path to war, Atar-Median passed on knowledge of both their findings and plans to attack to those worlds, such as Graia, deemed trustworthy, as well as making attempts to alert Terra of their findings, before the forces of Atar-Median marched to war. The traitors reinforced the Findari Spoil heavily with forces from the Legio Kulisaetai as well as new orbital defence platforms. The forces of Atar-Median were commanded by Princeps Maxima Millicent Nuvarss, who divided their fleet into two task forces. The first, consisting of Taghmata forces supported by House Col'Khak, formed the vanguard of the invasion, breaking from the Warp close to the system's outer defences. Weathering heavy fire, they quickly boarded the first ring of defences and eradicated all within. As this battle raged, the second fleet transitioned into the system and headed directly for the planet. The loss off the outer defenses left only minor orbital batteries to repel the loyalist fleet and with little effort the loyalists seized control of the exo-sphere.[3]

The Legio Atarus were unleashed upon the planet, intent on seizing control of the Gatekeeper Fortress. The Legio landers disgorged their cargo on the outskirts of the fortress, seeking to catch the traitors unaware. The Firebrands managed to quickly overwhelm the outer defences but once they ventured into the cavernous center of the fortress engaged in brutal combat with enemy engines. Atarus eventually emerged victorious after destroying six enemy engines at a cost of 8 damaged. In addition, Atarus managed to capture 4 enemy engines in stasis. In the aftermath of their victory they moved to secure their hold upon the rest of the planet, hunting down the remaining enemy with Col'Khak Knights.[3]

From 302010-552010.M31 the invasion of the Ny'Drinah Sub-Sector was waged. It began several hundred vessels from Urdesh and Kalibrax emerged from the Warp in the Paradonal'ny system and obliterated its defences with minimal losses. The traitors were able to swiftly conquer the sub-sector. Having secured a base of operations, the Traitors moved to seize their next targets. The core of their force consisted of Titans drawn from both Legio Damicium and Legio Kulisaetai, which fielded between 20-70 Titans. Notably, the Traitor assault coincided with the commencement of the negotiation cycle during which the next decade of industrial supply was allocated amongst worlds within the Belt of Iron. This timing was no doubt meant to exploit laws which ensured that only a token force from each petitioning Forge World was allowed entry to the sub-sector, lest accusations of external pressure influencing the negotiations be levied against the process. In accordance with such an edict, less than 10 Loyalist Titans, consisting of a mixture of Legio Atarus, Venator and Astraman engines, stood within the sub-sector when the Traitors began their invasion. Facing a Traitor force capable of assaulting several worlds at once, the Loyalist Titans were quick to accept their weakness and redeployed to the Xiloci'ny system, mustering to defend the subsector's capital world and await relief. In the weeks following the fall of the Paradonal'ny system, the Traitors secured their hold upon the sub-sector, seizing control of 4 more systems before moving on the Hive World of Xiloci II. Here, the Traitor advance stalled, their Titan Legions contested by the considerable defences of the hive cities and large numbers of loyalist Titans. In an effort to break the stalemate, those worlds captured by the Traitors were turned towards fuelling the conquest of Xiloci II; the flow of supplies from conquered mining worlds was funnelled inwards while those population centres deemed "non-essential" to the war effort were processed into vast legions of mindless warriors. By 552010.M31, only the Xiloci'ny and Uridoci'ny systems remained in loyalist hands.[3]

In 706010.M31 the Devastation of Yanazar IV began. The first sign of relief for the defenders of the Ny'Drinah sub-sector was seen when a probing fleet from Atar-Median entered the Yanazar'ny system intent upon securing a beachhead within the region. With them came two maniples of Legio Venator Titans dispatched from Arachnus. The first target of the Loyalists was the mining world of Yanazar IV, a frigid planet garrisoned by a detachment of Legio Laniaskara Titans. Under the cover of an orbital bombardment, the Iron Spiders under Sub-Princeps Jandolla Altreax descended to the surface and marched upon the entrenched Impalers who guarded the sole strip of mining quarries that had survived. During the battle that followed the Iron Spiders were alerted of a Traitor fleet having entered the system and moved to engage the Loyalist fleet. Outnumbered in orbit, the Loyalist fleet was quickly driven off and had to abandon their allies. The initial assault by the Iron Spiders was successful, with the Loyalists regaining control of the quarries before finding themselves trapped upon the planet and faced with a new wave of landers in the form of the Legio Damicium.[3]

Turning Point

In 874010.M31 a turning point took place. The main Loyalist force, dispatched from Graia with two Demi-Legios of Morning Star Titans and commanded by Magos Dominus Xixos moved towards the Uridoci'ny system as their first target. On Uridoci VI a month-long conflict between Legio Astraman and Legio Kulisaetai brought the world’s industry to ruin, with 8 titans destroyed and 13 others badly damaged. Elsewhere, the populace of Uridoci II was reduced to less than 1/10th of the number held before the war, slaughtered in a mass campaign of butchery led by House Gotrith who built monuments of corpses dedicated to the Warmaster. The few survivors of the world were spared a similar fate by House Moritain, who swore to defend the last loyalist outposts on the planet and engaged House Gotrith amongst the ruined cities of Uridoci II, driving them from the world. The departure of House Gotrith was marked by the emergence of a plague amongst the survivors that left 300,000 dead and forced the complete quarantine of the entire planet, condemning it to a slow death. When it was deemed that the plague had run its course, a sect of Mechanicum Genetors descended to the surface to find a world devoid of human life, along with an extensive catalogue of names listing every individual whose life was claimed by House Gotrith and the subsequent disease, diligently recorded by the Scions of House Moritain even as they too succumbed to illness. The final blow for the Traitors came upon the agri-world of Uridoci III. Against the small garrison of Gatekeepers, Graia sent a force of Morning Stars. The traitors refused to meet the Loyalists in open battle, instead detonating hundreds of nuclear warheads across the surface resulting in catastrophic climate change and the death of the world's entire population. In an act of demoralization propaganda, the death of Uridoci III was broadcast across the region as a warning to any who stood against the Warmaster. In response, numerous worlds surrendered to the Traitors out of fear. Adversely, rebellion broke out in the Paradonal fleet anchorage, culminating in the destruction of a Legio Damicium coffin ship housing 4 Warlord Titans.[3]

In 924010.M31 the Relief of Xiloci II was launched. The damage caused to the Paradonal fleet anchorage to the Traitors saw a vast reduction in their ability, causing numerous delays to the deployment of Traitor reinforcements across the Belt of Iron. In turn, this led the Traitors to divert forces from the siege of Xiloci II to reinforce other systems. When this news reached Magos Dominus Xixos, a force was sent to Xiloci II. Three detachments of Legio Astraman Titans, numbering a total of 25 total, landed upon Xiloci II. In response, the Traitors moved their forces to secure their siege lines, creating fortifications around unconquered hives. In doing so, the Traitors sacrificed their momentum, forming isolated pockets of resistance which the Loyalists could attack at their time of choosing. Capitalizing on this, Legio Astraman led a campaign of methodical conquest, forming three prongs that assailed hive cities in close proximity to prevent the Traitor positions from reinforcing one another. The resulting conquest saw minimal losses for Legio Astraman, with the Morning Stars relying upon maniples consisting largely of Reavers and Warlords. After 3 months of fighting the Traitors were ousted from most of Xiloci II, now holding only a handful of hives after the evacuation of the Legio Kulisaetai. The last resistance to Loyalists was dealt with after an assault upon the hive city of Tartunrus Spyre under Xixos himself from the Warlord Titan Grace of Wrath. Unwilling to expend time and lives upon another siege, the hive's fate was sealed when the guns of Astraman turned upon the mountain around which the city was constructed, burying it beneath an avalanche. With the world secured, the Knights of House Col'Khak were tasked with rooting out any remaining resistance while Xixos committed his forces to regaining control of the remaining worlds within the Xiloci'ny system.[3]

Loyalist Offensive

By 182011.M31 the war had now decidedly turned against the Traitors. Matters were further complicated with the arrival of fleets from both Atar-Median and Arachnus who committed many of their most veteran Princeps from the Great Crusade to the campaign. Neither Urdesh nor Kalibrax could hope to match the might of the these Forge Worlds and the forces of Valia-Maximal found much of their strength engaged within the eastern Belt of Iron. The Traitors moved to secure aid from lesser Forge Worlds, dispatching emissary fleets to worlds such as Lux Incunabula, Gantrin, and Jerulas Station. At Jerulas Station, the Dark Mechanicum hoped to find an ally would serve as fertile ground for the rapid expansion of its industry. Jerulas Station and its people held great disdain for the Imperium and were kept in order solely thanks to the strength of the garrison stationed upon the Forge World. Both the Ruinstorm and the Cataclysm of Iron severed communications across the Belt of Iron and neither Loyalist or Traitor had maintained contact with Jerulas Station for over 3 years. The last known message from the world was in 942008.M31 in a distress call from the Imperial garrison reporting widespread rebellion as well as the presence of entities of unknown origin. It was not until 011.M31 that the fate of Jerulas Station was discovered. A fleet from Urdesh to broker a treaty with the world found a dead planet. Pictures taken from salvaged Traitor ships show towering, featureless edifices of metal placed where productive forge-fanes once stood and the remains of countless space vessels in orbit. The perpetrators were revealed mere moments after a Urdeshi landed on the world. The edifices upon the surface burst into life and the appearance of dozens of ship signals amongst debris in Jerulas Station’s orbit and metallic vessels of unknown design powered up and unleashed beams of energy upon the fleet. The fleet lost 2/3rds of its force before fleeing and abandoning the research teams on the surface.[1]

By 218011.M31 Arachnus found itself in turmoil. Two warring sects fought a political battle that would determine the allegiance of the world. Those that had spent decades serving in the Great Crusade held great respect for the Imperium, while others claimed the unfolding conflict served as the perfect backdrop against which Arachnus could regain independence. This disagreement appeared settled following repeated expressions of concern from the wider Imperium, interlaced with implicit threats that demanded the Forge World resume shipments of aid and supplies to loyalist worlds. In answer, the rulers of Arachnus dispatched several fleets, and several dozen Legio Venator Titans to aid the Loyalist push into the Ny’Drinah sub-sector. Distribution of forces outside the borders Arachnus largely consisted of those who refused to support the idea of independence, placing them far from the Forge World. The first reports of conflict upon Arachnus came in late 010.M31 from the principal Legio stronghold upon the Forge World. Having committed many of the dissenting elements of Legio Venator to far-flung conflicts, the Titans of Arachnus eliminated those who still resisted rebellion before purging the Forge World of other dissidents. In what would come to be known as ‘Trident’s Purge’, conflict engulfed Arachnus and its two moons, Iktomia and Nizkara that saw the death toll at several million and 37 Titans. Following 3 days of fighting the traitors of Arachnus controlled the world and Iktomia, though battles still raged upon the surface of Nizkara. In a message to all within the Belt of Iron, Arachnus pronounced itself as an independent state. In recognition of this new state of affairs, the traitorous faction of Legio Venator was renamed Legio Tritonis in homage to the three celestial bodies of Arachnus and its two moons. Others knew them by another name, calling them ‘Dark Tide’ for the widespread destruction they brought down upon any who opposed them.[3][4]

From 441011-642013.M31 the Siege of Graia unfolded. Sporadic conflict between Graia and Valia-Maximal had escalated into all-out war. The advantage lay firmly with Valia-Maximal, for a significant portion of Graia’s forces were committed both to the conquest of the Ny'Drinah sub-sector and the escalating conflict at Beta-Garmon. During the Great Crusade Graia denied petitions by Valia-Maximal demanding reparations for the damage their forces inflicted upon their world. In a desire to claim vengeance for such losses, Valia-Maximal unleashed its forces upon three star systems near Graia, conquering them in swift succession. In response, Graia swiftly dispatched forces while recalling those committed elsewhere. This swift response was motivated by reports that Magos Dominus-Alpha Hieroneyum, the overall traitor commander, was on the frontlines of the campaign. As the Loyalist fleets scoured the three systems for any lingering Traitors, messages from Graia arrived that revealed the Traitors' true plan: the enemy had moved directly upon the Forge World itself. To counter Graia's orbital defines network, Valia-Maximal refitted several of its battleships with heavily modified Nova cannons to outrange Graia's orbital stations. As the battle raged in orbit, a strike force of Legio Laniaskara Titans was unleashed upon the Forge World itself, securing a wide swathe of territory in short order. Attempts to land additional ground forces failed and in time, the Traitor fleet retreated from the system leaving over 30 Legio Laniaskara Titans deployed upon the planet.[3]

In 049012.M31 the Conquest of Ny'Drinah was launched. Following the loss of Arachnus to Legio Tritonis, the Iron Spiders were insistent to retake their world and several unsuccessful assaults were made. It quickly became apparent that their efforts would achieve little without aid from their allies, all of which viewed the securing of the Ny'Drinah sub-sector as a target of higher priority. Princeps Maxima Procolus of the Legio Venator desired aid in his efforts to secure his homeworld and committed the Legion's full strength to the sub-sector. The 60 Titans brought by Legio Venator quickly turned the tide, with a series of rapid assaults driving out Legio Damicium from the Yanazar'ny system. Similarly, the Loyalists assailed the Paradonal'ny system with 50 Titans of both Legio Atarus and Legio Venator and besieged the Paradonal Fleet Anchorage. The subsequent siege 18 Titans fell and the Traitors turned their guns upon the orbital tether itself, severing the link between the fleet anchorage and the planet. The resulting debris fell upon their position, claiming the life of Magos Dominus Xixos and 9 Loyalist Titans along with the few remaining Traitor Titans while causing catastrophic damage to the planet itself. This final act of spite left the Loyalists in control of a ravaged sub-sector which saw a 64% decrease in population and 76% decrease in industrial output. Though no longer capable of supplying the Loyalist Forge Worlds as it once had, the sub-sector still proved strategically viable. Importantly, victory within the subsector also served to shore up the morale of the Loyalists.[3]

Traitor Collapse

From 091012-417012.M31 the Cataclysm of Iron entered a new phase following the ousting of Traitor forces from the Ny'Drinah sub-sector. Forced back, the Traitors began to reinforce their own holdings in anticipation of Loyalist incursions while unleashing small fleets across the Belt of Iron in an effort to fragment and delay the Loyalists. These fleets embarked upon a scorched earth campaign and often targeted those worlds who had recently sided with Graia and Atar-Median. These fleets were equipped with weapons to render worlds uninhabitable. Of the dozens of atrocities committed by such fleets, amongst the most notable was the destruction of the Aultarun system and the second invasion of the Findari Spoil.[3]

In the Aultarun system, Legio Kulisaetai Titans embarked upon a campaign of wanton slaughter, preying upon the billions of refugees. Their actions served to unleash a strange ritual similar to the one that had befallen Calth. In Aultarun, the system's sun expanded and devastated the surrounding planets. Those worlds not devoured by the star or scoured clean by radiation were consumed by a warp rift brought into being through the sacrifice of billions. The resulting tear in reality became known as ‘Refugee's Wail’. At Findari Spoil a different method of death was brought down upon the Loyalists. An assault was launched by House Vextrix that caused much confusion to the loyalists due to its small size. The actions of the Traitor forces also stood at odds with conventional invasion tactics, with roaming groups of House Vextrix Knights moving from location to location. To understand the logic behind the Traitor forces, an order was issued to capture an enemy Tech-Priest in order to extract the purpose behind the invasion. After several weeks of running battles, during which House Vextrix managed to destroy 3 Firebrands Titans, the warriors of House Col'Khak achieved their goal, capturing a Tech-Priest left behind as the Traitors enacted a hasty evacuation of the planet. The interrogation saw the Tech-Priest driven mad by a corrupted code infesting their algorithms and Cyclonic warheads were detonated beneath Findari Prime, shattering the world and killing tens of thousands of Atar-Median warriors and a decad of Titans.[3]

By 386012.M31 The destruction wrought by the Traitors led to widespread famine. To replenish their food, both sides moved to redeploy a portion of their forces to secure any agri-world capable of continued production. It was this cause that led both Legio Atarus and Legio Laniaskara to Malhanr. In the ensuing battle the two sides caused irreversible damage to the planet's ecosystem, rendering it unable to produce food. The situation on Malhanr became ever more complicated when a xenos raiding fleet laid waste to both the Imperial and Traitor fleets orbiting the planet, stranding both forces upon the ruined agri-world. The war upon Malhanr continued regardless, with both sides resorting to guerrilla tactics as the Firebrands and Impalers sought the total destruction of each other, their conflict interspersed with clashes against xenos raiders. It is only years later that the fate of those who fought on the surface of Malhanr was revealed, when Imperium landing parties descended upon the planet and were greeted by a single battered Firebrand Reaver named Fire of Resolve, badly damaged but with 7 enemy titan kill-marks.[3]

From 149012-856012.M31 the Censure of Urdesh was launched. The assault upon Urdesh was launched after messages from Terra itself had reached Graia calling for the censure of the planet for its efforts in ferrying supplies to the Segmentum Solar. The force dispatched by Graia in answer to these calls included over 40 Morning Stars Titans and 60 Knights of House Moritain. Moreover Terra dispatching an octad of Legio Ignatum engines under false flag by agents of Malcador the Sigillite to reach their destination. The arrival of Graia’s fleet caused no alarm upon Urdesh, its people celebrating the apparent arrival of allies to help in the conquest of the region. The Loyalist landing craft descended upon the world. Having inadvertently invited their foe onto their world, the ruling caste of Urdesh gathered to greet the representatives of the Warmaster, flanked by a small guard of Legio Damicium. Soon enough the Morning Stars Titans wiped out the senior Urdesh leadership with a single salvo upon landing. Across the Forge World, similar scenes played out and in quick succession a series of landing zones had been secured by the Loyalists, allowing further reinforcements to be ferried to the surface. The complete subjugation of Urdesh proved far more troublesome. The resistance faced by the Loyalists was uncoordinated but vicious. The opening months of war saw the battered Legio Damicium punish the Loyalists and hold back the numerically superior Legio Astraman. Within the Ferrum Bastion, a vast abandoned quarry long exhausted of ore, a pack of Unbroken Lords Warhounds utilized its tunnels to ambush Loyalists forcing weeks of delay as Legio Astraman hunted them down. At the Siege of Draunheim, a month-long assault upon the Forge-City, 7 Legio Astraman Titans were destroyed by the handful of Legio Damicium Warlords and the Imperator Titan Gloria Victoria. The forces of Graia paid for each step, the invasion slowly advancing until after six months the reinforcements from Terra arrived. The Legio Ignatum forces were given command of the battlefield and they guided the remainder of the campaign. The traitors made their last stand at the Forge City of Urdessec proved to be the location of the Traitors’ last stand with 11 Legio Damicium gathered. Against thrice their number the Unbroken Lords held their ground, each claiming at least one foe before the city of Urdessec was reduced to rubble. As censure for their crimes against the Imperium, the largest Forge cities of Urdesh were laid waste by massed Titan fire. Soon after the destruction at Urdessec, the Titans of Legio Astraman departed for Graia. By order of Malcador, the Legio Ignatum was left to stand guard over Urdesh and its holdings.[3]

Final Actions

From 14013-015.M31 the war saw a reckoning for the Traitors. The Legio Tridontis surrendered while others were deemed too far gone and were crushed by the Legio Venator and Legio Atarus as the two Legions marched on Arachnus. Kalibrax retreated inwards, abandoning its allies and fortifying itself. Their worlds soon rose up and cast down their traitorous banners. They soon organized a punitive fleet of mismatched assets that fell upon Kalibrax. Millions died against the superior defences of the Forge World yet their numbers were able to allow them to seize control of the planets orbit. This flotilla was soon able to set up a blockade. At Arachnus, the Loyalists overran the worlds two moons. On Nizkara the loyalists found many allies still holding out and were relieved by the Legio Atarus. On Iktomia the Legio Venator brought down bitter vengeance. The loyalists then turned onto Arachnus proper, turning the guns of the moons onto the Forge World below. Those of the Legio Venator who had held out on Nizkara were given the honour of being the first to land upon the surface of Arachnus. However resistance was stubborn, and true conquests was not achieved until defeat for the traitors at the Siege of Terra. All of these acts brought an end to the Cataclysm of Iron, though pockets of traitor resistance remained. However the Belt of Iron was not free of war due to Graia's conflict with Valia-Maximal, which still laid siege to the former. It was only with the death of Hieroneyum and his Ordinatus Valia by sacrifice of the Warhound Titans Forge Beast, Faithful Sire, and Venator Ultima upon the world of Nalindeer that the tide of the campaign turned.[3]

Following the traitor fracturing at the Siege of Graia, the loyalist attempted to move onto the 'Blood Iron Worlds', heavily fortified traitor bastions around Valia-Maximal. 16 attempts were made to capture these worlds with only one success at Eristara that saw 11 Morning Stars engines and 250,000 Taghmata dead. For nearly a year, Graia assailed Valia-Maximal and threw millions into a meat grinder until the Forge World was bled dry and the Traitor flees withdrew back to their home. The loyalists advanced, finding 10 empty worlds. Even stranger was the fate of Valia-Maximal itself, which was found stripped of industry and abandoned. encountered only the hollowed-out shells of Legio Astraman Titans that had fallen in the preceding years of war, each one posed as if in great pain and kept standing by intricate scaffolding constructed in patterns that drove many who viewed them to the edge of madness. The reason for the traitor evacuation was never discovered.[3]

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