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Mortis Dreadnought

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Mortis Dreadnought with four Autocannons[2]

The Mortis Dreadnought is a rare Space Marine Dreadnought pattern used by the Dark Angels and their successor chapters. Its origins and why only the Unforgiven possess them are mysteries.


It is said that in the times of Great Crusade Space Marine Legions deployed the large assault spearheads made entirely of Dreadnoughts and this sub-type was much needed dedicated a fire support during those terrible campaigns.[4] The Mortis Dreadnought comes in both Castaferrum Pattern[4] and Contemptor Pattern[5]


It is armed with a pair of heavy weapons consisting of either two missile launchers or two twin-linked heavy bolters, autocannons, or lascannons.[1b]

Helical Targeting Array

The Mortis is equipped with the advanced Helical Targeting Array. This advanced system of augurs and combat-cogitators allows the Mortis to track and destroy even the swiftest moving foes with ease. However, due to the Helical's array delicacy and power consumption, the dreadnought is immobilized while the system is in operation.[3]

Notable Mortis Dreadnoughts


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