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Lord Invocatus[5]

Invocatus, the Horseman of the Apocalypse, The Winged Axe, Khorne's Thunderbolt is a World Eaters Chaos Lord of the Fire Riders, who rides to battle atop the Juggernaut Khal'guruth.[1][3]


None even the World Eaters themselves know of Invocatus' origins.Some speculate that he was a member of the War Hounds during the Great Crusade before the Emperor discovered Angron, while others claim he is some recent turncoat renegade. Yet all agree that his successes will soon propel him to Daemonhoood. Before he became famous, Invocatus won his Bloodstorm Helm and the Juggernaut mount Khal'guruth in the Road to Eighty Bloody steps, besting the Daemon G'kor.[5]

By the dark blessings of Khorne, Invocatus and his warband, vehicles and all, emerge into battle from burning skies, giving rise to his warband being dubbed the Fire Riders. During battle, Invocatus sweeps down upon foes with supernatural speed. Mobility is essential to Invocatus and his warband, and without it they quickly become bogged down. He is a master of precisely timed assaults, and his warriors are well-disciplined and highly ordered. Yet for all his control, Invocatus is still a World Eater and relishes in slaughter. Some in the World Eaters have deemed Invocatus' tactics as cowardly, but the Chaos Lord sees them as maximizing the potential of slaughter. He has seen too many World Eaters warbands get sucked into conflicts that have descended into hunts for lone survivors, wasting time that could have been used on fresh butchery.[5]

Among the Chaos Lord's exploits is the invasion of the Ebon Vale Deathwatch Watch Fortress along with his Warband and their Brazen Beasts allies. They were eventually forced to retreat after being attacked by the Fortress's air support, but by then the invaders had emptied its armories and had killed hundreds of the Deathwatch Space Marines stationed there. In the raid's aftermath, the Deathwatch's strength in the Ebon Vale was severely weakened; this prevented them from later stopping a Hrud infestation that reduced several of the Imperium's Civilised Worlds in the area to useless mulch.[2] Another one of Invocatus' great victories took place in the Rengar System, where he tore apart a Hrud migration fleet. However his own casualties were so horrific that only he survived the battle.[5]

In battle, Invocatus wields the Chainaxe Coward's Bane and the Bolt Pistol Trickster's Doom as well as a Plasma Pistol. He also wears the Bloodstorm Helm, which allows him to visualize enemy heartbeats and even read duplicitous thoughts. This makes Invocatus extremely difficult to trap, and the Chaos Lord has shown a supernatural inclination towards countering such tactics. Invocatus is extremely disdainful of ambushes and underhanded tactics, punishing such offenders with brute force.[5]


Lord Invocatus[1]


The miniature in question.[1]

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