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Bloodcrusher of Khorne

Bloodcrushers are the terrifying Daemonic cavalry of Khorne.


Within the Warp, only the strongest Bloodletters can hope to claim a Juggernaut of Khorne as their mount. Subduing a Juggernaut is no easy task, as the vicious creatures will violently resist any attempt to be corralled or mounted. However those who succeed become Bloodcrushers, Daemonic Knights that are feared for their almost unstoppable charges. It is frequent for Heralds of Khorne to serve as Bloodcrushers.[1]

A sub-type of Bloodcrushers exist known as Blood Stalkers, whereas most Bloodcrushers make blistering charges at their foes, Blood Stalkers will carefully hunt around the perimeter of enemy defenses. These creatures are famed for mauling isolated sentries and annihilating clusters of scouts. They gained infamy assaulting the world of Daya.[2]

Known Bloodcrushers

  • Kzorgoth the Cleaver[3]



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