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Flesh Hound

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Flesh Hound[4a]

Flesh Hounds are the Daemonic Beasts of Khorne.[1]


These canine Daemons exist to hunt down the enemies of Khorne. They are tireless predators that possess a crimson skin as durable as mesh armour, massive claws and teeth, as well as amazing speed.[2]

Each Flesh Hound is larger than a fully armoured Space Marine, and is capable of outrunning a horse at full gallop[4b]. Each Flesh Hound has a Collar of Khorne growing out of its neck. These protect the Daemon from psychic attacks, making them highly efficient against psykers.[1][2]

Chaos forces often use them to track down and eliminate specific targets such as enemy commanders or hidden foes.[2]

Large packs of Flesh Hounds are known to prowl the wastes outside the Blood God's Realm where they pose a threat to any other Daemon who crosses their way.[1][2]

Gore Hounds

Gore Hounds are even larger and more vicious forms of Flesh Hounds, which can be found in many of their packs. These Daemons are slavering beasts of pure aggression, that have dominated their Flesh Hound kin throughout long centuries of challenges. The roar of Gore Hounds is so redolent with rage that it causes their prey to burst into flames. The scent of the burning flesh, will then drive the rest of the Flesh Hound pack to even greater heights of fury.[5]

Collar of Khorne

Hanging around the neck of every Flesh Hound is a Collar of Khorne[3]. They are created by Furnace-Daemons from molten metal that is infused with the blood of Psykers, who have been slain by the Blood God's legions[5]. Said to be forged from the very heat of Khorne's rage[3] on an anvil that is[5] at the foot of the Blood God's throne of brass, these collars have the power to draw the energy from the Warp around it, strengthening the Daemon and making it immune to all forms of psychic attack.[3]

Notable Flesh Hounds



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