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The Lost and the Damned

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2drones.gif This article is about the Chaos Faction; for the novel, see The Lost and the Damned (Novel).

The Lost and the Damned is a moniker given to the vast majority of ordinary mortals who fight for Chaos. They are not a single coherent force, but rather a diverse and infinite collection of warbands and hosts under the leadership of Chaos Champions.


A mutant horde

In order to fulfil their own agendas, Champions of Chaos draw lesser Chaos followers to them. They form personal armies that can vary tremendously in size and strength.

Often the Champion is a powerful demagogue, traitor or Arch-Heretic. In some cases it is even an Aspiring Champion — a mighty Chaos Space Marine who has left his Legion or Chapter with his retinue so that he may start his own warband and carve out his dominion in the galaxy.

During a Black Crusade however, individual Chaos Champions will put aside their petty wars and rivalries for a common cause and the Lost and the Damned form a nigh unstoppable tide that attacks with seemingly inexhaustible numbers.


The vast bulk of the Lost and the Damned stems from the twisted and zealous denizens of the Daemon Worlds. Gross mutants, fierce beastmen, Rogue Psyker, Apostate Cardinals, and primitive tribesmen alike seek to fight on faraway worlds for the glory and benevolence of their masters.

Among the better armed and slightly saner troops are imperial outlaws: pirates, mercenaries, cultists and military deserters who have turned from their Emperor and fled from imperial justice. Occasionally entire companies, or even regiments of the Imperial Guard turn to Chaos, and take with them their vehicles and armoury. Known as Traitor Guard, these heretics have not yet lost their skills due to madness, forming a hardened and reliable core amongst the slavering hordes of the Lost and Damned.

Often these mortals will call upon the Daemons of the warp by summoning them in blasphemous rituals and the spilling of blood. Their ranks are further bolstered by monstrosities of all kinds, such as Chaos Spawn, packs of Chaos hounds or shambling zombies to name a few.


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