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Chaos Warhound Titan

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Mars-pattern Chaos Warhound Titan

The Chaos Warhound Titan (sometimes referred to as a Feral Titan[4]) is the Chaos counterpart to the Imperial Warhound Scout Titan operated by Traitor Titan Legions.


The Chaos Warhound Titan Machine Spirit is wholly corrupted by the powers of Chaos and the Titan's soul and crew, now possessed by daemons, are doomed to serve the Chaos Gods in battle for all eternity.[1][2]

They are formidably armed with two 'Titan weapon' mount hard-points available, with the same weapons available as the Imperial version: [2]

As with the Imperial Warhound, they excel in urban environments. Their relative speed and agility enables them to fulfill a similar scouting role to their imperial counterpart, but as is the nature of chaos, they also have a tendency to act like pack hunters, ruthlessly picking off weaker targets.[3]

As the Warhound advances it growls and roars, broadcasting a dirge of Chaos litanies and prayers, driving the worshippers of Chaos into a bloodletting frenzy, for surely nothing can stand before them when a Titan bestrides the battlefield.[2]


Chaos Warhound Titan to scale

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