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Miniatures (Loyalists)

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A list of miniatures of the Loyalists Space Marine Legions during the Horus Heresy for The Horus Heresy Tabletop game

All Loyalist Legions

Legio I - Dark Angels[1]

Legio V - White Scars[1b]

Legio VI - Space Wolves[1c]

Legio VII - Imperial Fists[1d]

Legio IX - Blood Angels

Legio X - Iron Hands[1e]

Legio XIII - Ultramarines[1f]

Legio XVIII - Salamanders[1g]

Legio XIX - Raven Guard[1h]


Forge World webstore : https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/The-Horus-Heresy