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Angantyr-Class Dropship

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The Angantyr-Class Dropship is a transport is capable of carrying a full Imperial Guard company and all of its support elements.[1]

An Angantyr-Class Dropship has two decks. The upper deck is generally assigned to transport up to a full company of soldiers, while the lower deck accommodates all of the support vehicles necessary for their deployment. This combination allows soldiers to have easy access to the full range of their gear in the event that the craft must land under hostile conditions. If the vehicles, heavy weapons, and ammunition were on a separate landing shuttle, the Guardsmen might become separated from this gear and be unable to use it to respond to hostile actions at the landing zone. Hatches and ladders connect the upper deck of the dropship with the lower, so that soldiers riding in the passenger compartment can quickly reach their vehicles for disembarking.[1]

While the vessel is boarded from the sides, upon landing, the heavily armoured nosecone opens up, so that tanks can drive down an extendable ramp directly onto the field of battle. Similarly, soldiers on the upper level can use the vehicle’s massive scale to maintain a broad field of fire from their elevated position. Of course, only the soldiers closest to the opening can fire. Further, once the nose cone opens, the soldiers and vehicles lose any of its protective benefits, as they are fully exposed to any incoming fire.[1]


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