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Long Serpent Class Battlecruiser

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Long Serpent Class Battlecruiser[1]

The Long Serpent Class Battlecruiser is a class of Imperial Navy Battlecruiser.[1]


Built by the Tech Priests of Hydraphur at the direction of Admiral Knightsbridge shortly after the Gothic War, it was designed to act as a Pirate hunter. The Long Serpent combined the basic Cruiser layout with an engine suit normally used for Battleships, resulting in a much faster vessel able to keep up with the swiftest raider craft while delivering brutal firepower thanks to its 4 Weapons Batteries, single Lance battery, and Nova Cannon.[1]

However all this performance came at a price, for its armor protection remains that of a cruiser. When hit by multiple salvos from larger vessels, Serpent-class ships are quickly destroyed and catastrophic Warp Drive failure can take surrounding Escorts with it. But despite this, limited numbers of Long Serpents are finding their way into the fleets of Segmentum Obscurus and Segmentum Pacificus.[1]

Notable Long Serpent Class Vessels


The Long Serpent Class Battlecruiser was originally a fan-designed entry by Bob Henderson for Planet Killer's Battlefleet Gothic "Design a new space ship" competition[2] and the runner up of the contest[1].