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Furious Class Grand Cruiser

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Furious Class Grand Cruiser[1]

The Furious Class Grand Cruiser is a type of Grand Cruiser used by the Imperial Navy and forces of Chaos.


The Furious Class vessels reached limited production as the Repulsive Class Grand Cruisers reached the point at which Tech Priests of the Imperium had increasing difficulties maintaining their complex systems. At the same time an idea caught on at the shipyards of Cypra Mundi to utilize the newly developed armored prow of a Battleship combined with a Grand Cruiser. This created a flagship for combined Cruiser fleets, which had the massive firepower of the earlier Repulsive design but enhanced command capabilities.[1]

These ships were used primarily as portable firepower, upping the power of Imperial squadrons to almost Battleship levels thanks to its two Weapons Batteries, Lance battery, and Torpedo tubes. Tactically these ships were successful but suffered from the same engine issues as their Repulsive-class predecessors. As a result, a more thorough rebuild took place in M39 which reduced the weapon strength but added reliability. Following the Gothic War, a few remained in service, primarily with the fleets of Segmentum Obscurus and Segmentum Tempestus where their formidable firepower remains so valuable that the unreliable engines are overlooked.[1]

Through unknown means, several Furious Class Grand Cruisers have defected to Chaos and remain in service with heretic forces.[1]

Notable Ships


The Furious Class Grand Cruiser was originally a fan-designed entry by Bob Henderson for Planet Killer's Battlefleet Gothic "Design a new space ship" competition[2] and the winning design in the contest[1].