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The Abattoir is a Necron vehicle used to harvest life in preparation for sacrifice to the C'tan.[1]


Once called World Harvesters by the Eldar, the Abattoirs are more building than vehicle, and have been responsible for the destruction of many worlds and civilisations. During ancient times these pyramid-sized constructs were used when slave races could not be transported to the temples of the C'tan to be sacrificed.[1]

Unlike most Necron units and vehicles the Abattoir does not have phasing capacities, instead it has to be brought to a world to be deployed on site. This is generally done by a rapid-deployment ship like the Scythe Class Harvester. Once on the surface, it walks around, supported by tentacle-like limbs that are deployed from its capacitor sub-pyramids.[1]

Like most Necron units the Abattoir makes heavy use of Gauss Weaponry, although its armaments are much stronger. An Abbatoir's weapons not only flay their victims where they stand, but also harvest their pain and fear at the moment of death, creating a stored source of sustenance for the C'tan. In addition to these weapons, it carries massive swarms of Scarabs inside; normally used for maintenance purposes, they can also be deployed offensively.[1]


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