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Skorpekh Lord

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Skorpekh Lord[3]

Skorpekh Lords are towering multi-limbed Necrons.[1]


Skorpekh Lords are Necron nobles who have succumb to the Destroyer Cult through an obsession with slaughter, leading to their bodies and minds becoming twisted.[8a] Like their smaller Skorpekh Destroyer kin, Skorpekh Lords are vessels of monomaniacal obsession. They have been stripped of any compassion and nobility, exiting only to kill the living. The desire to kill has long since eclipsed the reasons why and they are driven ever onwards by their insanity.[6]

Skorpekh Lords are armed with a Hyperphase Harvester[2], Flensing Claw and an Enmitic Annihilator.[1]

Known Skorpekh Lords


Skorpech Lord miniature[1]

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