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Catacomb Command Barge

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Necron Command Barge1

Catacomb Command Barges are Necron anti-gravitational skimmers used by Necron Lords and Overlords as personal transports.


Similar in appearance to the Annihilation Barge, the Catacomb Command Barge favors carrying capacity over firepower, though it is armed with a Tesla Cannon.[2]

While embarked upon a Command Barge, a Necron Overlord is able to oversee the battle, ensuring that his troops are engaged with appropriate targets and that everything is going to plan. The Command Barge is capable of instantly delivering orders to Necron forces.[3] The Command Barge can also act as a combat vehicle if the Overlord so wishes, its hard-wired pilots able to fly him into the midst of the action, where a Necron Lord can launch daring attacks on unsuspecting enemy units with his warscythe.[1] Service aboard a Command Barge is considered a great honor, though it also carries great risk as these pilots are often the targets for retribution by their angry lords.[3]