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Traxis Sector

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The Traxis Sector lies deep within the Ultima Segmentum and has just recently been explored by the Imperium. What the Imperium discovered was a sector rich in worlds with both natural resources and artifacts lost since the Dark Age of Technology. In order to secure these treasures however, the forces of the Imperium now wage a bloody conflict throughout the sector, desperately holding back tides of Daemons and Xenos alike. The foul forces of Chaos meanwhile seek to plunder and corrupt the Traxis Sector, furthering their own goals of conquest and madness. Alien races of all kinds also endeavor to build their own empires, casting out all that would challenge their dominance.[1]

Known Worlds

Known forces involved in the conflict


Chaos - Great Unclean One Ku'Gath Plaguefather[1c], High Sorcerer Zarathur[1a]

Eldar - Phoenix Lord Baharroth[1g]

Dark Eldar - Succubus Kith[1a]

Orks - Warboss Nazdreg[1a], Weirdboy Old Zogwort[1e]


Tau - Commander Shadowsun[1a], Ethereal Aun'shi[1d], Commander Starblaze[1i]


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