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Dark Talon

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A Dark Talon attacks Necron infantry[2]

Dark Talons are fighter aircraft used by the Dark Angels and their successors Ravenwing formations. A close air-support aircraft armed with two Hurricane Bolters, a Rift Cannon, and a Stasis Bomb, the Dark Talon is thought to be the deadliest weapon in the Ravenwing's arsenal. It plays a pivotal role in the 2nd Company's eternal hunt. Dark Talons are ornately and finely decorated with artifacts recovered from Caliban itself.[1] Dark Talons usually fly low in attack runs, following the contours of the surrounding terrain and hitting its ground-facing boot jets to hang in the air and more accurate its prey below.[2]

The Dark Talon also carries a stasis-crypt holding cell used to transport captives and ultimately deliver them to the dreaded dungeons of The Rock.[2]

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Ravenwing Dark Talon miniature[1]


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