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Ravenwing Darkshroud

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Ravenwing Darkshroud[2]

The Ravenwing Darkshroud is an archaic version of the Land Speeder Vengeance used by the Dark Angels and their Successor Chapters. These vehicles drift forward, emitting partially seen force fields of haze that spew from their ancient reliquaries. Of all the weapons deployed by the Unforgiven, it is said that the ten Darkshrouds deployed by the Ravenwing are the strangest.[1]


The Darkshroud's origins can be traced back to the destruction of Caliban 10,000 years before the 41st Millennium. Despite the planet's shattering at the hands of a massive Warp Storm, the Dark Angels' Fortress-Monastery remained due to the aid of its powerful force fields. The collision of Warp energies, however, had many repercussions. Ten of the stone statues of past ages that topped the fortress's tallest spiral had survived the catastrophe, now glowing with mysterious energies. The Stone Guardians, or Ten Brothers of the Order as they were known, were taken below into The Rock and locked in stasis fields for years. It was not until the desperation of the Vendetta Campaign that the Dark Angels unleashed the arcane powers of these artifacts on the field. Each statue was mounted upon a Ravenwing Land Speeder Vengeance with great cables siphoning off its mysterious energies and amplifying it. The result was a potent power field generator which partially obscures and protects Bikes and light vehicles. The force fields generated by the Darkshroud are powerful enough to block a Lascannon shot, allowing nearby Ravenwing troops to advance without fear.[2]

Known Darkshrouds

  • Shadow of Caliban[3]




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