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2drones.gif This article is about the 3rd Edition Wraiths; for the 5th Edition Wraiths, see Canoptek Wraith.
Wraiths locked in combat with a Space Marine

Wraiths are serpentine killers of the Necrons.[1] They are like their more common brothers the Flayed Ones,[Needs Citation] although they usually attack in smaller numbers. They also have a tendency to phase in and out of existence, which gives them a marked advantage over their prey.[1]


Wraiths have the ability to float, bringing death from above. They move like ghosts and attack with a terrifying fluidity. They have wide, hunched shoulders that support a leering skull of a face. Their arms are long and whip-like with scalpel blades for fingertips. Their ability to phase in and out of existence gives them a great defence against weapons, allowing them to disappear when a bolt or beam of energy comes their way, have it pass through the space they had occupied, and then phase back into reality to continue the killing. This ability, coupled with their ability to float, also helps them to overcome difficult terrain.[1]


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